Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sep 21-25


Sep 21:
That 8-min Insanity fit test from the previous day made me very sore at work... just the test, not even a workout yet.

Day 1 of Insanity... the Plyometic Cardio Circuit.  The whole DVD is like 40 minutes, and 10 of those are for the warmup, and there's probably 5 minutes of stretching.  I think it' reasonable to have 10 minutes of warmup, but it does sound like a lot compared to the total workout time.  It didn't feel particularly intense until the last couple reps of the last circuit.  It did leave me sweaty, though.  I'd say that the effort level most of the time is like that of an easy jog.

Sep 22:
Still sore, but no longer uncomfortably so.  FYI, sleep for the week, starting from Monday night, was 3, 3, 4.5 hrs.  I think lack of sleep makes your body kinda sore by itself.  Cortisol, inflammation... whatever. 

Ran today, since it had been 3 days.  A bit of exercise helps to get rid of soreness, too. 
On the 1 degree Treadmill, 4.0 in 31:21, 7:50 ave.  Splits> 8:17, 7:59, 7:48, 7:16.

Sep 23:
Only sore today when I contracted those particular muscles.

Considered doing 2 Insanities to catch up, but 1 was enough when I was done.  Doubles may be doable if they're done in the morning and evening.  Did the Cardio Power and Resistance. This felt less intense than the first day's, for whatever reason.  I need to keep better form with my back... it got a little tingly a couple of times.

Sep 24:
Rest day.  I was going to attempt a long run the next day, and I didn't want to mess that up.

Sep 25:
Long run!  With the Spinx Half Marathon coming up at the end of October, I had to somehow get endurance back.  It's been hard this year to do any sort of long run, for whatever reason.  So, like last year prior to the Houston Marathon build-up, I remembered the good strategy of just taking it slow to start pushing the long run length.  It went well.  It was still hard, especially at the end, but it wasn't too painful, and no real niggles (nagging little things).

11.6 in 1:45:11, 9:04 ave.  954 cal.  Drank 3/4 a bottle of Gatorade (3 water stops) and 3 Roks (tastes like chocolate malt balls... so good!).  11am-ish.  NB1224s with soccer socks.  75-80ish degrees.

Splits> 8:09 b, 6:27 p short, 7:48 c, 7:51 p, 7:44 b long, 6:30 ps, 8:01 c, 7:48 p, 7:44 bl, 6:33 ps, 7:51 c, 7:44 p, 7:53 bl, 7:02 bathroom.

Not too fast, but I just need to build up endurance.  Really needed a shower afterwards.

// Update...
Later the same day, I ended up doing 2 Insanity workouts, at midnight. 
Cardio Recovery was slow strength and yoga-ish... not quite a workout, but it would be a nice rest day-ish break.
Pure Cardio was non-stop other than the warmup and cooldown - no 30s water breaks.  It was tough.

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lindsay said...

I wanted to run the spinx half but I will not be remotely in shape! I'm telling myself my body needs some hardcore rest... Maybe that's a cop-out :)

You should consider the camp croft trail half - spartanburg - November. I ran it last year, it's a tough trail run (well to me, but I get out of breathe just hiking on trails) but it's fun and they give out pint glasses!