Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 31

99.9% of the time, I feel good after a run.  No matter how desperately I want to sleep before a run, a few steps into the run and for hours after the run, I feel really energized.  Not so today. 

I was eating my extended dinner up to 10 minutes before I left for the run... problem 1.  It gets dark at 8pm now, so I had to go. 

I started running, and I was tired.  It did get a little cooler as the sun went down, but I was still tired.  And getting more tired.  So I stopped after 3.7 mi.  Afterwards, I felt like a big wimp for stopping.  But my body really is tired.  It's been 2+ weeks of 5 hrs per night with 10 hr workdays 6 days/week, with 2 hrs of sleep 2 nights ago.  I did get 11 hrs last night, but I was still incredibly blaaaah in the morning.  Should I have pushed it?  It would've been good mental training for what it feels like in the last 3 miles of the marathon.  Eh... oh well.  You learn from bad runs.  What not to do.  What makes your performance suffer.  You learn from good runs, too... what works.  Oh well.  Some redemption in this run, I guess.

3.7 in 31:19, 8:33 ave.  296 cal. 
Splits> 6:32, 6:19, 12:27 for 2, 6:00. 

It was a tough day at work.  It made finally going home suuuuch a wonderful feeling.  Haven't been that excited to be back at my apartment in a while.  Oh man... 

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lindsay said...

I'm on team "it wouldn't do you good". Yes, sometimes you do have to buck up and push through crappy spots, but traveling + long work hours can affect the body more than we often realize. Rest up and get mentally prepared to kick your own butt in an upcoming workout!