Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 11 - p

Can't help but get emotional when you hear families speak about their loved ones.
Thanks to the firefighters, policemen, the military, and doctors who serve.
Promote unity, liberty, and kindness towards fellow man in their honor.

I feel as if I just got out of a shower, I'm so wet with sweat right now.  It makes you feel like you did something.

My plantar felt suprisingly 87% better today.  Yesterday and all week, it had been pretty bad - swollen-feeling in my inner left heel.   I did have periodic short, shooting-style pains go up my lower leg, but I'm not concerned, and it's preferable to heel pain every time I take a step.

I wanted to do some kind of workout today... maybe bike, maybe strength, if I was lucky, a short run.  But I got in a medium-sized run, and it went surprisingly well, given yesterday's run.  Maybe stopping a early like I did yesterday prevented over-stress than would've kept me from doing today's run.

Treadmill, 1 degree, 72 degrees.  455 cal.
5.5 in 43:48, 7:58 ave.  I would've perhaps done a bit more (10K) if I had more time.  I expected the gym to close about when I reached 5 mi, so I paced myself accordingly.

Splits> 8:34, 8:12, 7:59, 7:48, 7:34, 3:38 for 0.5.

I love oranges.

I'm a little scared about the upcoming week... the pressure, the amount I'll need to do... wondering how it'll go and if I'll be able to do a decent job of it... how little sleep I may get.  The fear of failure does things to me.  Compounds emotions on an already emotional day.

Know what just occurred to me, though?  It kind of helps to think that I'll be doing the work for people.  FYI, I have to develop and execute 3 days worth of training (Tues-Thursday).  I'll be helping them grow in knowledge and feel more comfortable with the system, and to build their confidence.  It helps to think of it that way rather than doing it to get a big to-do done and to keep my job.  I think writing that Sept 11 thing up there, and realizing that it's about caring for people, helped me.

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