Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sep 15

Monday: 8:30am-2:30am, the only break being a 20 min drive home.  No other break besides potty breaks. (17.5 hrs)
Tuesday: 6:30am-6:15pm, minus 30 min for lunch, 10pm-2am.  (15.25 hrs)
Wednesday: 7:30am-5:45pm, minus 15 min for lunch, 12:00am-4:00am.  (14 hrs)
Thursday: 8:00am-5:45pm, minus 45 min for lunch.  (9 hrs).
Still need to work tomorrow, but so far, over 4 days, it's 55.75 hrs.  It went pretty well, but it was a long time of 100% focus. 

4am on Thursday (technically Thursday) morning, worked out for the first time all workweek.  Needed a strength session.  If I go more than 1.5 weeks without one, I'm noticeably weaker when I do do it, so it was right at the 1.5 mark.  Went as well as it normally does, despite the lack of sleep.  My body gets tired right when I wake up from my 2-hr sleeps, but then the adrenaline or whatever kicks in because you know you need to get the job done, and it's fine.  And now that I can finally take it a little easy tonight, even though my body probably needs sleep, it's fine.  It's enjoying not having a looming deadline.

Later in the day, at 9pm, went for the first run since Sunday night.  I had optimistically hoped for more, but I ended up with 5.5.  Not bad - I'll take anything.  Still liking the Nike Equalon+.  Drank 30cal worth of Gatorade for the little boost.

5.5 in 43:57, 7:59 ave.  I did 7:58 ave for the same distance on Sunday night.
Splits> 8:16, 8:08, 8:06, 8:00, 7:46, 3:39 for 0.5. (this time)
Splits> 8:34, 8:12, 7:59, 7:48, 7:34, 3:38 for 0.5. (last time)

I always pace by feel, whatever I think I can manage... so it's interesting that it was distributed differently, but the overall pace ended up being the same. 

My parents are visiting this weekend.  I'm excited.  Haven't seen them since July.

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lindsay said...

Yikes those are some long hours! I hope things settle down so you can rest and all that jazz. Have fun with the parents this weekend!