Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sep 10

Yeseterday, I considered just staying home and having another rest day (2nd in a row), since the clock was ticking before the fitness room would close, but I called my sister, and she said that I should go, and except for that one time earlier this year, I've never not felt better after a workout.  I had been a little hesitant because I wanted to go on a run the next morning to take advantage of a cool morning.

I did a bike session of only 37:15 min.  I pushed it, so I guess I got tired more quickly.  I was going to stop at 35 min, but I was a 9.something mi, so I decided to go until I hit 10, which was a good workout-extender.  It was good... short but good.

Today, I did the run at about 9am.  I think the bike session might've sapped a bit of my quad strength.  My heart was pounding pretty hard throughout the run.  Don't know why. I think I probably caught up on most of the sleep, so it's probably not that.  Dunno.  I wore my singlet (vs. the sportsbra), so it felt hotter than it could've been.  I did 2.5 laps, stopping for water 2x/lap.  Water... it was really a concoction of water, lemon juice, and salt... very lemoy and salty (maybe just lemony) but still tolerably so.  I ended up stopping with 1 mi still left on the course.  My legs were okay, but not 100%, and it was already a good enough run for what I had hoped for mileage-wise, so I just took that last mile as a cooldown walk, which was good for me anyway.  I get stiff sometimes when I just jump into the car after a run with minimal cooldown walking. 

I bought clearance shoes from Run-In afterward.  It's my first pair of Nike running shoes ever (other than Steeplechase ones that I've only really used once to try the epic event that is Steeplechase and some shoes that I had in elementary shoes that I only ever walked in).  With my plantar fasciitis, which has returned to being rough... feeling like my left heel's swollen, I've realized that it feels the best with very built-up stability shoes, and the Nike Air Equalon+ felt good.  I like to try different brands that feel comfortable, just to shake up the forces applied to my feet and to just experience as much of the running world as I can.  I'll report on how it goes once I try a real run in them.

9.1 in 1:16:49, 8:26 ave.
Splits> 8:00 b, 6:03 p short, 7:17 c, 7:10 p, 7:09 b long, 5:56 p s, 7:13 c, 7:12 p, 7:15 b s, 6:02 p s, 7:28 b l (ooh, slowed way down)... and that was the end.

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