Monday, September 19, 2011

Insanity Fit Test 1

After having a good time doing plyometrics with a personal trainer but not liking the long drives to the gym, I saw some reviews at for a workout DVD set called "Insanity"... and it looked like my kind of thing.

I like the thought of a kick-your-butt workout that will push you and not waste your time.  It's amazing how many variations of body-weight exercises there are, and I love always learning new ones.  I am a little concerned about doing plyos day after day with only 1 rest day per week.  I don't know if my joints can handle it.  We'll see.  I also wonder how easy it'll be to do doubles (insanity + normal run or bike), if I choose to go that route.  I've considered just doing random Insanity DVDs a couple of times a week.  We'll see how the first few days go. 

Day 1 starts with the Fit Test.  It's a series of 7 exercises.  You do each one for a minute with as many reps as you can.  You get like a minute rest after each exercise.  You repeat this test every 2 week to gauge your progress.

There's also a t-shirt that you can get once you finish if you send in your day 1 and day 60 pics.  That would be fun.  That would also mean that I'd have to do the full 60-day program.

Fit Test 1:
Switch Kicks - 75 (pretty much kick forward with alternating legs, 2 kicks = 1 rep)
Power Jacks - 55 (jumping jacks, but with a sumo squat when your arms go down)
Power Knees - 97 (like kneeing someone, bringing your knee across your body sideways)
Power Jumps - 56 (like tuck jumps, but with legs >hip width apart)
Globe Jumps - 14 (sumo jumps with hands touching the ground, going in a circle = 4 jumps = 1 rep)
Suicide Jacks - 25 (burpees minus the pushups)
Push-up Jacks - 33 (pushups but splitting your legs like a jumping jack during the down part)
Low Plank Oblique - 56 or 66... lost focus counting (plank on elbows with army-crawlish knees to elbow)

Afterwards, I maybe could've run, but I biked.  Recumbent bike intervals.
10 min warmup, 15x(1.5 min @ ~19mph, 0.5 min @ ~14.8mph). 
40 minutes total, 72 degrees, 350 cal, 11.3 mi.  Pushed my legs. 
Back (both sides... at least it was even) was a little off as a result of the Fit Test, I think.  Okay, though. 

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lindsay said...

aw man, did you buy these? you could have copied my set...

insanity is a tough workout... the dvd's were all too similar for me from day to day, plus i was running 7+ miles a day and attempting to do a dvd as well. sure they are kinda strength-training-ish but they're also a lot of cardio. so, i told myself it could be an xt-day. except i never pull them out and do them (and as i'm sure you know - they're not cheap!)