Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 9

Scheduling... when I have stuff planned in the week, I have to do what I normally don't do - schedule my workouts. Usually, I do each day whatever I feel like I can handle that day, while trying to keep a good balance of speed, long runs, and my weekly strength session. With Bible study tomorro night and a flight the next night, I had to get in a run today, even though I could've done with a rest or strength day. Tomorrow's the best strength day, though, since it's all I can fit in, and Thursday's the optimal runnng day due to schedulig.

It was a slow and bangy start, with even my left hip complaining. My TA's kept getting hammered and will need some serious icing, and the only way to relieve pain was to go faster. Wore 1224's w/ arches, Oxysox, mp3 on right arm. Not a great run, but it was fast in the end. I stopped it before I did too much TA banging, so that I could run in Pton decently.

3.5 in 28:28, 8:08 ave. Splits> 16:47 for 2, 7:54, (25:26 5k), 3:45 for 0.5. Poor TA's. Please get better before Thursday.

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