Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aug 8

My tummy has been strange. I feel like I've drank too much water, but I'm also thirsty. I've eaten too many salty foods, but salty food is the only thing that I feel like I can stomach.

My glycogen stores felt pretty good. I think the 30min window thing works pretty well, although it's mentally hard to do, not only b/c you don't always have much of an appetite post-workout, but also because you feel guilty and full eating when you're not hungry.

Anyway, my knees needed to recover from pounding, I could tell, which is why I didn't run, even though I had the glycogen. Instead, I chose to bike. Keep up the cardio. Felt too tired mentally for strength. My head still feels hot. Cardio I could do, though. Decided to go with intervals, to get a good bang for my buck. Knowing that it'd take me some time to recover from speedwork if I did it early next week, I chose to get the effect through the bike, so that I could save my legs for some good Pton running later in the week. I know my sentences aren't very well formed right now, but as I said before, my head has been hot all week, and I feel a little lightheaded.

The bike session went really well. 12.8 mi in 45 min, 395Cal, level 9, 81 degrees, in Progrid, Oxysox, cotton tee, no water. 5 min warmup, followed by 8x[3min on (~19.3mph), 2 min off (~15mph)]. Natural tendency to slow down as it went on, but with willpower, was able to force the higher cadence in the last few, so it was probably like a backwards check or Nike symbol. In the first one, I could feel that my hammies and quads were being worked, but I got immune to it after that. It's amazing how 15mph, which is higher than my ave pace for a long bike, feels so easy compared the pace when you're hammering it.

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