Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 27

Woopdeedoo. Haha. What if I start every blog post wth a made up word describing how I feel? Hahaha. Woopdeedoo means I made it through, and now I'm on the cusp of an exciting weekend. It's been a long week, and I'm a little tired, but it's almost fun time.

Okay... so this week in summary...
Strength Monday.
Rest Tuesday.
Run Wednesday.
Workout DVD Thursday.
What to do Friday?
Exploring Philly Saturday.
Squeeze in a workout Sunday?

So I had to pick what to do today based on what I've done and what was scheduled the rest of the week. That meant run, or else I'd be in the dangerously low mileage zone (half than what you did the week before).

So while I was downtown and around doing errands, I got in a run. Another outside run after a long drought of outside runs. It was nice, going slowly and not feeling bad about it like I would if I had the treadmill numbers saying "slacker, slacker, slacker". I was wearing my Garmin, but it doesn't stare at you, and it's not 100% accurate.

I ate a "granola" bar, new from Clif. It was reaaaaly tasty and rather sweet (I prefer less sweet) but not fillingat all. The sweetness was good for the run, though. Normally, I'd be like ick, but when it's before a run, superfluous sweetness is okay.

I started off really slow and now very range of motiony, due to yeserday's plyo/strength DVD workout. After about 2 miles, though, I got into more of a rhythm. In the last couple miles, I really turned it on. Going downhill forced a speed pickup, and that pickup would feel really good, so I'd just kind of keep it there. Nice.

Oh yeah. Since I didn't park in my usual place, I wasn't strict about doing my usual course and allowed myself to meander. It was nice having that freedom and not feeling the pressure to PR the course every tme I ran it. It really helps to have a Garmin if you want to do that. The Garmin's not 100% accurate and does some really strange things sometimes, but it's nice if I still want some stats. This is my second run in a row with this kind of freedom. It's been nice. I think I realized how cool it could be when I went running w/ LD a couple of weeks ago and she just showed me around some of the different trails she'd do with her team. It was fun, and that day, we went really slow since I was recovering from the previous day's fast run. No pressure, just enjoyment.

6.6 in 53:39, 8:07 ave, 550Cal. Really, 8:07? I felt really slow sometimes, and in the last couple miles, it said I was laying down mile race pace times. So maybe something went wacky during that part. Dunno. Splits... didn't do that many, since I didn't start in my usual spot. So it's difficult to reconstruct, and it may mean nothing. Yeah... meaningless.

Oh man, I almost forgot... injury report. During the middle of the run, my TAs were getting pounded with every footstrike. Poor, swollen TAs. But in the last couple miles, somehow, they seemed to be perfectly fine, like the pressure all just went away and just a hard shell was left. Never happened before like that. Dunno why or how it works. Immediately after the run, I had to pee.... no, but really, immediately after the run, I felt like I could go another 6, since the TAs seemed different... like stretched but now relaxed and only a bit sore. A good feeling. That's still just 12. Very doable. The goal... 16, then 18 a few times, then a single 20. Aaaaah, marathon, looking forward to you.

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