Saturday, November 19, 2011


My fourth race in 6 weeks!
I signed up for this one because it was inexpensive relative to many other races of comparable distance. Some of the 5Ks can be so expensive these days! It was also going to be nice to see where my fitness was after racing 3 HMs within a month.

Even though I got less-than-ideal sleep this week, my body only wanted 6.5 hrs last night, maybe because I had okay sleep on the important night-before-the-night before. I woke up at 4-something, so I had 2 lox tortillas (delicious) because that's what I was craving. Took a warm-up shower without washing my hair, since it was too cold to want that.

The race started at 8:30am and was held at a new course at the not-yet-opened Lake Conestee Nature Park.  It was chilly, at about 40 degrees.
The Race:
The first 3/4 mi was on pavement, looping around the baseball fields.  I went out at a good pace, and according to the split (6:44), it was fairly fast.  It felt comfortable and sustainable, though.

Next, we entered single track that had room for maybe 1.5 people across.  Passing wasn't much of an option most of the time, but there were a couple of chances here and there.  I was glad that I did my first trial race the previous weekend, because I felt confident on the trail.  It was very smooth, with roots here and there.  There were minor, short hills.  Every now and then, there were boardwalks. 
I was glad that I had gotten the start that I did, because it was so hard to pass.  I was placed well, and there was minimal passing/being passed.  The miles ticked by quickly.  I guess I was so busy concentrating on footing and the windy turns.  Maybe some of it is also the face that the past 3 races were HMs. 

There were a few spots with two-way traffic on the narrow path, but it was okay, and everyone was courteous.  There was also a water stop, but it's not necessary when the course is short and the temps are cold.

We kept chugging, then we were back on the pavement for the final stretch.  I put in a good effort and probably couldn't have given much more - that's always a good feeling.  I also edged out a guy at the very end by half a step at the finish line.  Also nice. 

3.7 in 27:51, 7:28 ave.  2nd overall female. 

Not a fast pace, compared to my 5K PR (6:44ish), so I guess it was the dirt and the hills.  I was fairly happy with the pacing.  It looks like I might've gone out too fast, by looking at the splits, but the first mile was on pavement, so one would expect the second two miles to be slow.  I did probably fade some, but I at least kept up with the people on the singletrack in front of me, and it was a comfortable pace for me.

Splits> 6:44, 8:09, 7:58, 4:58 for 0.7.

I won a doorprize... a pumpkin.  And for finishing 2nd... 3 lightbulbs.  The race was hosted by GE.  I called my sister and told her that I won a pumpkin and 3 lightbulbs.  You couldn't make up something more random!

It'll be nice park to come back to once it opens.  It's not too far, and not too hilly, and smooth - maybe I'll mix it in to my course repetoire once a month or something.

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lindsay said...

this is one CS race i've yet to do. congrats on 2nd overall!