Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 5, 6, 8, 9

I guess I've lost my old eagerness to post immediately after each running workout.  It probably wasn't very interesting, anyway... how little sleep I got, how I did either a progression run on the treadmill, a park run (progression), or a long run... or what part of my leg was nagging a bit.  Before, each run seemed special and worthy of a post.  Oh well.  I'm sure the excitement will come back at some point.  I had just finished my second half marathon within a month, and maybe I'm just a little tired.  Maybe not only of running.  But I'm sure it'll pass. 

Nov 5:
Recumbent Bike session.  I had run the day before, and I thought it would be good training to have a two-in-a-row, to get a different kind of stress.  Normally, I need at least 1 day of not running after a day of running to recover and feel like I'm not risking injury.  But I do think I could handle occassional back-to-back days.  I wanted to today, but my upper left shin was feeling a bit stressy again, so I biked instead, to play it safe.  I did 45 minutes and covered 11.7 mi.  I did't sweat as much as I normally do.  I had 3/4 of a bottle of water plus lemon and salt and read a magazine.   Oh yeah, I've been reading this year's special Trail edition of Runner's World to learn more about rail running from a technical perspective to pick up some tips, as well as to learn how to fully appreciate this special kind of run.  So I pushed it during the bike session and got my heart working hard, but it was also pleasureable and relaxing to read while biking.  I always enjoy my running mag reading times on the bike.  During the last 15 minutes, my right butt was going numb.  Normally, it starts kicking in after the 45 min mark, not the 30 min mark like this time.  Ideally, I'd like to do LR-length sessions on the bike, but not on this particular recumbent bike.  I don't know it's an imbalance in my body or on the bike. 

Nov 6:
Park Run.  If I couldn't do back-to-back runs, I'd at least do a Run-Bike-Run.  Went to the park, to get some outside running in on the weekend, since weekdays would always be too dark when I wasn't at work.  5.3 in 42:41, 8:03 ave.  Splits> 6:37, 6:22, 6:03, 5:55, 5:52, 5:37.  When I first started, my left upper outer shin felt like something was loose in there, but it was fine within the first quarter mile.  My legs were still snapping and popping for the second day in a row after Nov 4th's outside park run (the first in 2 months).  One nice thing was that the slight uphill pavement part of the loo felt easier than it's ever felt. I wonder if it was due to the hill workout a week ago.

Nov 8:
Strength session.  550 crunches/side, 2:30 plantk, 115/115 abdcutor/adductor leg lifts, 50 dumbellrows, 2x90 shallow single-leg quad dips, 120 half-hearted lower leg extensions, elastic band 4-way leg exercises, resistance band arm exercises, 25 single-leg pelvic thrusts, 45 pushups, 55 superman arm sweeps.  I noticed that my left foot had to lean on its outside for balance during the single-leg quad dips.  It's probaly related to my weakened arches due to the plantar fasciitis.  The PF has been better.  I still feel it in the mornings, but it's not bad, and it goes away.  It has migrated to sometimes hit on the ball of my foot rather than the heel.  Anyway, back to the quad dips, I was able to mentally force myself to balance on my entire foot, rather than just the outside, so it could be just a subconscious thing trying to protect my arch by not using it.

Nov 9:
Treadmill run.  I forgot to turn it to incline 1 at the beginning (for the first time ever), so I went at 0 degrees for 1.5 mi before switching to incline 2 for 1.5 to make up the difference.  I finished with 0.1 mi at 1 degree.  Splits> 8:17, 7:47, 7:42, 0:43 for 1.  3.1 in 24:31, 7:55.  My left achilles was bugging me a bit, so I had to be careful to try to keep it relaxed as much as possible to not rupture it or something. 

A good week of training.  Using the treadmill on Wednesday was good because I wanted my legs to stay sharp for the race on Saturday...

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