Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 24 - Thanksgiving

T-day at the track!

On Thanksgiving, my sister and I went to a nearby track.  She ran on the HS XC team but wasn't as into it as I was.  But she's recently started running fairly regularly again, and I'm so excited.  Her usual 5K pace is about at my LR/easy pace, which is great, and her form looks good. 

I have found a track back in GVL, but it's about 20 minutes away.  This one is only 5 minutes from my parents' house.  I was excited to get in some track work.  It seems way more epic than treadmill intervals.  Being on the track in general excites me.  I never did track in HS because I did socer instead.  In HS, we went to the track for XC practices maybe once every 3 weeks or something.  At first, I dreaded it because I usually didn't do as well compared to a couple of the other girls.  They could fly and looked awesome - I didn't know how they did it.  I would more often beat them on the last repeat... so maybe they had more speed, and I had more endurance. 

But I grew to like the track more during college.  The track at Pton was gorgeous, and I watched some inspiring races there.  It realized how fast it could make you.  When we had timed miles for Club Ultimate, I could basically guarantee that after every BM-pyramid workout I did, I could knock down 10-15s off of my miles time, at least up to a point.  It's a place to test yourself.

I attempted a BM workout.  The last time I did it (or tried it at all) was in May.  I only ended up doing 3/4 of it, maybe more from wimping out from the lactic buildup than anything else.  But it was still a good workout.

The Beth Massey Pyramid workout (with my actual paces where available):
It was from my friend's HS or MS coach, but I named the workout after her.

800 warmup - 2:04, 2:01
4 x 100 sprint, 100 jog
3 x 200 sprint, 200 jog
2 x 400 sprint, 400 jog - ?:??, 1:37
1 x 800 sprint, 400 jog - 1:41, 1:42
2 x 400 sprint, 400 jog - 1:34, 1:36
*** I stopped here ***
3 x 200 sprint, 200 jog

4 x 100 sprint, 100 jog

Similar to the 800 warmup's 400s, my jog 400s were pretty consitently 2:03.

I've never done Yasso 800s (10x800 with 400 jogs), but it would be very interesting to try some time.  5 miles of sprinting seems like a lot.  I listened to a podcast today on (a couple days after this workout) that interviewed Bart.  He said that Yasso works for many people of all weekly mileage levels, although it does work better for those with higher mileage.  Makes sense.  So it may not work as well for me at my 25ish mpw. 

It was a little warmer here than it has been recently, and I don't run in full sun very often.  On weekdays, I hit the treadmill normally, or squeeze something in at the park near sunset at best.  On weekends, I'll also tend to go near sunset, but even if I do something in the middle of the day, there's usually a decent amount of shade. 

It was a good workout.

Afterwards, I played around a bit with my sister, showing her stretches and exercises, letting her try some of my shoes (she needs a new pair), etc.

It's my dream to have a running store some day.  It was fun to pretend today.

And finally, T-day dinner:
(Tofurkey with stuffing and gravy, butternut & spahgetti squash, green beans, cabbage casserole, fish, bamboo, potatoes.)

A walk with my parents at Riverfront Park - Mount Pleasant the next day:

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lindsay said...

thanksgiving sounds delicious!

20 minutes away? there's a track at eastside high and riverside middle school... RMS's is pavement, but it's a track. i think eastside is pavement too, but can't remember. i don't think either of those is that far from you b/c they're not far from me? though i don't know where you live exactly. but maybe you meant real rubber-surface track, in which case i'm not sure why greenville schools don't have them!