Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 26

Today's run didn't go as planned.
I was going to do my LR.  The schedule called for 12. 
I did 4.4 with my dad biking behind me.  Then, a bathroom and water stop when I saw my sister lacing her up shoes, too.  She and I ran at about the same pace for a while (she didn't want to run with me, but we were close to each other), but I was ahead after half a mile. 

I did 4.4 more after that, and even that was hard.  I haven't stretched in the past few days while I've been at home.  I felt like tendons/ligaments were pulling on muscles and bones and whatever in wrong ways.  It may be the stretching.  It could also be some muscular imbalance.  I haven't been able to do good one-legged squats in a while.  They've all been very shallow.  I decided to stop the run early.  I could've managed another difficult lap, but my body felt like it was working hard as it is, without the strains.  But with the strains, I just wanted to call it a day. 

I think it's an okay decision in this case.  I stretched afterwards, and I'll stretch more now.  I don't want to get injured at the start of the marathon buildup (I'm on week 2/16).  Didn't hit the target for this week, but I had extra mileage done last week, so it evens out.  The LR is the most important, but I had many 13-mi races recently, so I think it's okay to not do the full LR this time. 

8.9 in 1:14:13, 8:19 ave.  734 cal.
Splits> 18:29, 18:18, 37:25 for 2 (18:42 ave)

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