Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov 28

Some redemption today from the 12 turned 8.9 on Saturday.

I wanted to get in the important LR, so I dd 10.3 today.  It was on the treadmill, 1 degree.  I went very slowly at first, and that allowed me to go farther with ease.  It's incredible how big of a difference 0.1mph is.  I usually start my treadmill runs at a minimum of 7.0mph, so riding 2.5 miles a 6.8-6.9mph felt awesome, like I was barely breathing much more than if I was to walk. 

I would've maybe tried to do another mile or two, but I was hitting against the gym closing time, so I opted to do the last bit of the run a bit faster. 

Laptop battery is running low, so I'm going to speed this up...

10.3 in 1:26:34, 8:24 ave.  855 cal.  68 degrees.
Splits> 8:46, 8:42, 8:38, 8:34, 8:34, 8:30, 8:20, 8:18, 8:06, 7:49, 2:10 for 0.3. 

I think I'll go slow on my next LR, too.  It felt good.  I think if I did easy runs at that pace, I could up my training volume safely.  I don't know that I'd experiment too much with that during this marathon build-up, but maybe next year.

This was 1.5 hrs after a big dinner (chocolate pita chips, tortilla chips baked w/ 75% light cheese and hot sauce, mixed greens with tuna and soy ginger dressing, laughing cow light swiss cheese wedge with more tortilla chips, dark chocolate, earl grey tea) and lots of fluids, so no water was needed during the run.  Not even really thirsty.

Post-run, a bottle of water+lemonjuice+salt that I didn't need during the run, warm milk with a splash of vanilla extract, oatmeal with PB, carrot, and half a small grapefruit.

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