Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jun 2 - p

June 2, 2011

Soo… back to Sunday, the day after I returned from Toluca, Mexico (sick in the tummy), which sits at 1.65 mi in elevation…

When I was in the ER, I got some tests run to figure out what was wrong with my tummy.  I love analyzing stats.  Anyway… almost everything was normal (thank goodness), but one number was a little bit high… a normal Red Blood Cell count is 3.73-5.09 M/cumm.  Mine was 5.16.  I don’t know how many standard deviations that is from the mean, but it’s interesting that this one was high.  The test results don’t say “HIGH” or “LOW” for any number outside of the listed typical range, so I guess they just put those if it’s a certain stdev outside of the norm.

I looked it up at

A high red blood cell count may occur because:
·                                 Red blood cell production increases to compensate for low oxygen levels due to poor heart or lung function
·                                 The kidneys release too much of a protein (erythropoietin, or EPO) that enhances red blood cell production
·                                 The bone marrow is producing too many red blood cells
·                                 The oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells is impaired
·                                 Red blood cell production increases to compensate for limited oxygen at higher altitudes
·                                 The loss of blood plasma, the liquid component of blood, creates relatively high levels of red blood cells

Cool, huh?  If only I knew how high my RBC normally is… 

The only other abnormal result that got a “HIGH” or “LOW” was that I did have low Na levels, but it was just 134 mEq/L instead of 135-145.

Low sodium levels are uncommon and most often occur as a side effect of taking medicines that make you urinate more, such as diuretics. Severe diarrhea or vomiting or heavy sweating may also cause low sodium levels.

So maybe my salt loving is justified.

I did my LR today.  7am.  Kinvaras w/ Feetures socks.  Got a blister from yesterday’s steeplechase shoes (Nike Jana), so I wore a band-aid.  Ended up carrying, but no using my singlet or visor or the 2 100-Cal Clif bars in my Shadowpak (had 1 Clif bar for a mini-breakfast boost).  Did use the Shades and the Shuffle.

Ran, figuring I’d go to the bridge, which was about 11 miles away.  I haven’t run long in 3 weeks, so I couldn’t over-do it.  11 is actually the longest LR I’ve had in 2 months.  It wasn’t hard physically, since I took it easy, but my legs were feeling it on the way back from the out-and-back.

So I went out, no issues.  At the bridge, I took some pictures.  Saw some animals in the first couple of miles on the way back: Canadian Goose, Mallards, Heron, Turtle, Deer, Squirrels, white Pidgeon.

About 0.5 into the return journey, I started having tummy issues and needed a restroom, so I just had to endure the discomfort for 5+ miles.  That was quite a challenge, but I made it. 

Now, I just want salt and bland calories (bought a Whole Grain loaf from Panera) and salt (bought Gatorade).  Couldn’t handle the thought of food for the first hour afterwards, but then the 11.5 mile hunger started kicking in, and I wanted pretzels but went for the healthier bread option and sprinkled heavy doses of salt on it.  Even better than pretzels.

11.5 in 1:42:23, 8:54/mi.  853 Cal.  Slower than I used to run this course.

Oh man, I don’t know if I remember all of my old landmark abbreviations…
Splits> 10:40 t (tow path), 4:39 p (pebble tree), 9:02 b (bridge… I got distracted by another runner when I was on m – minihill), 5:10 x (crossing), 3:10 w (walmart), 16:28 d (Delaware Raritan bridge), 0:36 midpoint of the bridge, 18:02 w, 3:19 x, 5:28 b, 4:55 m, 4:39 p, 4:40 t, 11:29 dillon.

Sooo… comparing the out and the back… t to p 4:39 vs 4:40… good.  For the rest of it, though, I slowed down, due to tummy issues.  My legs were tired, too, but I think I could’ve pushed them more if I didn’t have to fear what my tummy would do.

A good run otherwise.  Now, I’ve refueled and re-salted and re-hydrated myself and am ready for a nap.

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