Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jun 16

Yesterday, a crazy storm hit, coming on very suddenly.  It started pouring, and the wind was super strong, bending the big pine trees many more degrees that I thought possible without them snapping at the root.  The power went out for about 7 hours.  It was a reality check on how dependent we are on power.  No internet, no lights.  But it turned out to actually be kind of nice, since my roomie (of 2 weeks) and I got to just talk for a few hours.  It was fun.

Still Yesterday...
At 11pm, I decided that it was about time for my workout.  I had been planning on running outdoors, but that wasn't going to work, so I did plan B - the weekly-ish strength session.  It was different this time.  I wasn't feeling strong like I normally do.  It was more like just going through the motions.  I did the usual reps/intensity for the mot part, but I felt somewhat unmotivated and energyless.  I wonder if it's the onset of the overtraining syndrome.  I haven't been doing all that much.  Dunno. 

My balance was pretty off, too, for the one-footed exercises.  I think that may have just been because I was working by a single candlelight, so the flickering moved shadows, screwing up perception like crazy.

Time for the outdoors run.  After realizing how the repetitive impacts of treadmill running could lead to overstressing certain sections of muscles/joints/ligaments, I really wanted to go out and get some grass time.  Since my roomie was playing Ultimate for a rec league, I went to the park with her to run laps around the 4 fields.  1 lap = 0.735 miles. 

It was 6:30pm and very sunny.  The morning was cool because of the storm, but it was probably "feels like 86" during the run.  Hotter than I normally do.  It just saps you of speed.  My quads were having trouble just lifting my legs, as if they had no energy or blood flow or something.  My first outdoor acclimatization run of the season.   Boo heat.  Maybe I'll get used to it, though.  I think I read recently that it could make you faster if you could acclimatize and then switch back to normal temp running?  Dunno. 

Legs (knees) were edging on poundy.  I don't know what's with me this week.  Hope it's not something chronic. 

3.7 in 31:13, 8:27 ave.  Splits> 6:15, 6:07, 6:11, 6:17, 6:08, then a few seconds more to make it a round 3.7.

I think a rest day will do me good tomorrow.

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lindsay said...

hopefully your body is just tired. the 8k was a tough race! i had a bout of "burn out" or something awhile back... it sucks, and took me foreverrrr to get over. in the beginning i kept telling myself it wasn't burnout/overtraining b/c i don't run anywhere near 120 miles/week. now, i think you have to consider the non-running stuff in your life too -- maybe the combo of traveling + recently being sick wore you down a little and the body just needs a break?

whatever it is, hope it passes quickly!