Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jun 13 - p

Eye Candy:

I saw these cars at this weekend's race.  I would love to do the same to mine, except it may depreciate the value of my car, and it may not look very professional if people at work see me drive around in it.  So cool, though... I just have a 13.1 and a 26.2 right now.  I have some stickers I could add if I ever decided to, though.

Wiped out from work today... just wanted to shut down mentally afterwards.  Recovered by around 9:30pm and ran at 11pm.  Ran in the dark b/c it was after-hours, plus I like saving electricity.  I had planned on doing hills, but once I got started (it was a slow start - 6.6mph, going to 7.0 at the end of mile 1), I kind of just wanted to cruise.  It might've been a little risky keeping good footing at varying inclines in the dark in any case.  Felt good.  I need to shower now, though.

Cranked it up during the run.  I was listening to podcasts, like I often do, and it brought up a good point... the reason I always do treadmill runs as progression runs is b/c I NEED to crank up the speed to keep my legs from developing pains.  The podcast - an Aussie one I'm trying for the first time and really like - talked about doing LRs on treadmills and how it can be a bit risky for some who are used to the roads, since without the road camber or hills or uneven trail, your body gets impacted the same way repeatedly.  So that's why I need to speed it up - to stress different muscles and give myself different impacts!!!

My right leg is still a little iffy from yesterday's bike session - always is.  Manufacturing defect in my bike or in my leg or both.  Anyway, it always gets better quickly, as long as it was a relatively short (45 min-ish) bike session.  Anything longer, and I could suffer for days.  I would like to be able to do LRs on bike, but not on this bike.  I think I'm able to ride evenly on other bikes, at least stand-up ones.  So dunno if it's the recumbent nature of the bike, or if there's something uneven about this particular one that does it.

Oh yeah, I didn't blog about yesterday's bike session yet... 45 min, took it easy and read Running Times - no intervals.  I sweat way less on my arms yesterday than I usually do for whatever reason.  Very strange.  It was 77 degrees.  Maybe the lack of intervals?  I wasn't taking it THAT easy.  Dunno.

Back to today...
6.2 in 50:36, 8:10 ave.
Splits> 8:44, 8:23, 8:14, 8:08, 7:58, 7:37, 1:28 for 0.2. 

Not a bad start to the week.  Craved chocolate milk afterwards (for me, = skim milk, big spoon of cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and sun crystals which is like stevia).  Then, another banana that I got as leftovers from the race.  I haven't mentioned it yet, but I got scary quantities of bananas and oranges.  I've had 6.5 oranges and 5 bananas so far in three days, in addition to the usual onions and carrots and tomato sauce that I also eat.  I subbed my usual mixed greens for carrots this week b/c my fridge is so full of oranges, that I can't fit another box of salad - I have to keep the volume down.  Seriously, my fridge and freezer are full of frozen oranges and bananas.   No space.  hahahahaha.  oh man.  it's ridiculous.  I'll have to show you a pic on a future post.


Thomas Bussiere said...

Running in the dark (early morning or night) are some of my best runs. Quiet, peaceful, no distractions, and cool temps.
Stay strong.
Got your web site from my friend you raced with last weekend.

lindsay said...

thomas is in GA, if you were wondering. he's a crazy ultra runner :)

a whole fridge and freezer full of race leftovers? i should have stuck around longer apparently!

fancy nancy said...

Love the cars....I'm pretty sure mine looked a little like that in high school. Then again it was a Chevette!