Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Reason a Bit about the BQ

If I want to run Boston 2012, I need to qualify with a decent time by September.

Due to the summer heat, something in late April would be ideal.

That's only 2 months away.

I don't know if I could 1. train properly within 9 weeks (vs. 16 weeks), 2. train safetly, having to increase mileage at a rapid rate.

I don't want to get injured.

Marathon training gives you a demanding schedule with little flexibility, and you need to give up smaller races like 5Ks and 10Ks because you can't sabotage your planned workout or risk injury.   Even if you do them, you won't perform at your peak, since there's no time to taper during training.  I do miss being super fast.

If I wait until the fall, or even spring of 2012 to make my next BQ attempt, I'll have far more choices of races.

All seems to point to waiting...

One reason to do Eugene is that my near-term work schedule is predictable, and there's no chance of sell-out, so I can register pretty late. 

Hmmm... maybe I'll go on my run tomorrow morning... like 13 or so... and if I feel fantastic, I can go for Eugene.  It's only been 25 days since my marathon.  The farthest I've run continuously is 10.5 mi.

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