Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Boston Bar is Raised

The BAA has announced how it's going to deal with the issue of selling out in record time last year (8 hours, 3 minutes).  For 2012, they will let the fastest qualifiers register first, going by increments of 20, 10, 5, and 0 minutes faster than the BQ time.  It begins on September 12, which means I won't be going for a late September/early October marathon.  I guess it may need to be late April... I'm thinking Eugene.

For 2013, they will tighten the qualifying standards by 5 minutes.  Doable.  I guess if it's doable, I can at least be third-tier.  3:29... possible, too.  It would be incredible to get in the 3:20's.  So... 3:35 is the new time to beat.  I have a 3:40 pace bib hanging up on my porch door.  That won't fly any more.  With the race to register this year, people who do make it will probably have more incentive to register while they still have a valid BQ, since simply making it over the bar doesn't give you an equal shot.  The faster, the better.  I wonder how far the registration process will get before it sells out.  What if it filled up at the 20- mark?  3:15!  Whew! 

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