Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23

Bloooooh.  Don't mention food right now. 

Intervals soon after dinner... not a comfortable idea... actually, that's not bad.  It's force-drinking 1.5 bottles of water afterwards because you can't drink out of the tap here that does it.  I'll live, though.

Intervals... went better this time than it did a week ago.  Maybe I'm getting stronger.  It's soooo hard to believe that it's only been 23 days since the marathon.

It was a sauna again, though it didn't feel as bad this time.  Maybe it really wasn't that bad... or maybe, I hope, I'm acclimatizing.  Summer's rolling back in - boo. 

So.... intervals.  I wore Oxysox, Paramounts w/ Staiblity insoles, the Asics singlet (love it), and my Reebok short shorts.  I normally go with the durable soccer shorts that I can wash a million times without it ever looking any older, but I'll go for my light, short shorts whe I want something that dries quickly and allows freedom of movement. 

The wokout was the usual 1 degree treadmill, with the embedded mini-fan going.  Oh, tummy.  1K @ 12kph, 2 x [1K @ 14kph, 0.5K @ 12kph], 0.5K @ 14kph, 0.5K @ 12kph. I could've forced myself to tur that last fast interval into a full K, but there was a chance I would've puked, and I figured... not worth it.  Hahaha.  Too soon after dinner.  What was dinner?   I can think about it/answer it now that I feel better.  But it was good - lentils, black beans, pumpkin, quinoa, water, whole wheat baguette with nutella (lots of grains/legumes), water, and a bit of fruit salad. No wonder.  Blaaaah.

5K in 22:53, 7:22 ave... half marathon race pace!  Man... can't imagine going like that for 13 miles, haha.  I still have no idea how that happened. 

Tonight's my last night in BA!  I've enjoyed the trip, as hectic as it always is.  The second week was a lot less stressful, once the majority of the big issues got solved.  Thank goodness.  And I like my team... always have, and I always enjoy being with them.  Great people.  Mmm. 

I like my job, so this doesn't necessarily apply directly here, but even the worst situations can be okay and almost pleasant as long as you're with people you love.  That's what I've found.  It's just really comforting to be with people you care about.  Especially napping.  Maybe it just indicates that I don't sleep enough, but to me, the most peaceful thought is just napping with someone you are about.  It doesn't matter whether they're napping too or if they're awake or whatever.  Just feeing safe and loved and drifting off into peaceful rest.

Long night ahead... gotta finish strong.
I'm tired... maybe a 1 hr nap first...  that's what I always say. 

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