Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17

This week is another marathon (figuratively) business trip week.  And still 7 days to go!  Whew! 

I got about 6, 4, 5, 7 hours of sleep the past few nights.  So last night was better, but the previous nights wear on you.  When I woke up groggy this morning, I needed an energy boost.  I had no pressing work to wake up extra early to do, so I got my boost by going to the gym.  I hadn't planned to, but I could either worrydoze, or I could refresh myself.  I did the elliptical, level 12/20, for 25 minutes.  It did't feel like much... I think I simply spent 25 minutes sweating.  It wasn't cardio at all, maybe because I wasn't going fast.  It was more strengthy, but even then, not with much of a range of motion, and much of it probably was done by momentum.  Oh well. 

Tonight, I wasn't up for a big dinner.  Normally, I eat a million mini-meals a day, so 3 big meals are strange to me.  They keep me full right through the day, but maybe just because I'm working so hard/ putting out fires the rest of the time.  I never get hungry.  In Buenos Aires, we have lots of meat and lots of fruits and veggies.  Few carbs.  That's a pretty good way to eat.  At home, I'd be more lightly proteined carbs + veggies and fruits.  It feels lighter, and it's cheap.

I got a sandwich (with some cheese!... didn't expect it to have it... they did some substitutions... I'll be okay with it if it's rare) and a salad, but it wasn't enough (even though it was 2 menu items... tiny!), so I had Goldfish and a peach and peanuts.  Then, maybe 50 min later, a run.  While I was waiting for dinner to digest, I was run-surfing (surfing the web on my favorite running/nutrition sites), and I saw the news about Boston's tightening standards.  I was even more inspired/frightened into running. 

Too soon.  Food + heat... especially the heat... don't mix.  It's a sauna in the hotel's gym... literally.  There's a sauna in there, and someone must use it, because heat's coming from it.  It's hot in there. 

5K in 24:28, 7:54 ave.  It was a speed session.  Normally, my speed sessions are much faster.  It was hot.  I did 1.5K warmup at 10.85kph, 1K at 14kph, 0.5K at 11kph, 0.75K at 14kph, 0.5K at 11kph, 0.5K at 14kph, 0.25K at 11kph.  Tough... because it was hot.  The food alone would've been bad, but food+heat... man. 

And now for work.  Goodies.

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