Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 5

My first run since the marathon!  I've been feeling ready to run since Thursday, so it was time.  It was going to be a non long-run, but I didn't really want to do it on the treadmill, since that would dictate the running form.  When I run outside, I can be my own, assymetrical self.  It may not be sustainable, but it allows me to run b/c the reason I choose the form I go with is that it's the most pain-free and effortless. 

So I ran outside.  I was going to do 8.6ish miles, but I started going out fast b/c I wanted to feel what it felt like to run fast again.  It would've been hard to keep up that pace for that distance.  Also, some very minor naggings also emerged, so especially 1 week after the marathon, better to play it safe. 

The ground was soggy from rain.  It was in the 50s and windy, so I wore my long sleeve Philly tech tee initially, but it got hot soon.

Felt good.  I think I'll do some biking next... or roller-blading.  I do need to stretch my piriformis, though.

Splits> 7:48 b, 5:46 p short, 7:00 c, 6:53 p, 6:29 b long, 7:43 car. 
5.3 in 41:41, 7:52 ave.

A large %age of people get sick post-marathon b/c their immune system is down.  People who exercise have stronger immune systems and get sick less frequently than those who aren't as consistent.  But a big thing like the marathon will temporarily depresss your immune system.  My throat has been a wee bit sore in the past couple of days, but nothing bad.  Just something to be careful about.

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