Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26 - p

A super outdoors-packed day.  Just what I needed to relax.  Had a nice long run, and then I got to join up with MS and AD for about 8.2 miles of hiking (about 2 miles of it was run).

For the run, 12.0 in 1:43:27, 8:37 ave.  Temps were perfect, initially chilly, then sports bra weather.  Wore the n3's w/ Spenco insoles, Oxysox.  It went pretty well.  My knees started feeling the early signs of poundiness on my second of three laps, but the feeling passed.  I think getting into PT again (didn't get to really do it for 2+ weeks while travelling) will make it all better, since hip strengthening does wonders for eliminating runner's knee.  For reals. 

I did have to take a detour from the usual trail due to trail maintenance, and that added dirt (nice) but a big hill.  Splits> 8:08 b, 6:53 p short, 7:36 c, 7:34 p, 7:47 b long, 6:23 p short, 7:36 c, 7:29 p, 7:36 b long (second lap way faster than the first), 6:17 p short, 7:11 c, 7:06 p, 7:22 b long (flew through the third lap), 8:17 car.  Man, a super negative split.  That's great.  Really great. 

I had been to Paris Mountain before, and last time, it seemed kind of dinky, since the trails I had gone on had views of the road the whole time.  With the trails we went on this time, it felt much more rustic.  I got to eat an orange, a protein shake, an orange, and goldfish in between, but by the end of the long hike, I was ready for some good fuel.  I had mixed greens with fat free feta and balsamic, a banana, mixed nuts, beef, black tea, and bread with cheese spread.  Quality fuel.  Mmmm...

The last bit of the hike was 2.2 miles of glorious trail running.  Half was flat and fun, and half was downhill, which required a lot of braking.  I may be feeling it tomorrow.  It was great, although I'm not a big technical downhill person.  Too much risk and pounding for me.  The flats were great, though.  I wore a long sleeve Brooks bright yellow shirt, the Oxysox, and my old 1224's with arch supports, plus the usual visor and shades.  Since the temps were cool, no water necessary.

It was a great day to just relax and do whatever you felt like.  Making my own schedule... like I used to love being able to do on Saturdays when I was still in school.  Freedom.

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