Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 20

Thank the Lord for a good day at work.  Everyone's excited about how things went on our big day.  Thank the Lord.  That's all I have to say.

Afterwards, a 10.5 mi run to celebrate.  There were fuzzies all around, from some kind of plant.  Going out along the median park, I breathed in a couple and swallowed a couple.  Once in the ecological reserve, though, the trees filtered most of them out of the air.  It was 76 degrees, 4pm, and windy.  I'm glad it was windy, since it cooled things down.  I wore my Houston UA tech tee, since it isn't sleeveless.  I didn't wanna worsen my burn... my skin has a baby peel spot.  I also wore my Pak w/ ID and my hotel card, my visor, my shades, UA calf sleeves, and the 1225's with stability insoles.  It wasn't too long after I had eaten an apple and goldfish, but it didn't affect me.  I was afraid I'd get really thirsty, because I hadn't had too much water today, but it was suprisingly fine. 

The run went faster this time, maybe because I wasn't doing stop-and-go for pictures, and maybe because I knew the course.  I even felt stronger as time went on.  It was nice that shade increased throughout the run as the sun sank.

10.5 in 1:29:02, 8:30 ave.  753 cal.  Made up for the Empanada (good) I ate today.  It was white bread crust with probably butter and cheese inside.  The opposite of my usual, but if you're special, I'll make an exception.

Splits> 13:46 to park entrance (1.58 mi, 8:43/mi), 11:53 to the other entrance (1:43 mi, 8:19/mi), 31:24 back to main entrance (3.78 mi, 8:19/mi), 4:22 to middle path (0:55 mi, 7:56/mi), 5:38 to vertex (0.66 mi, 8:36/mi), 7:53 to main entrance (0.86 mi, 9:12/mi), 11:44 to other entrance (faster than the first time!... 1.37 mi, 8:33/mi), 2:18 to port (0.24 mi, 9:27/mi)... woo hoo!

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