Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10

Tummy... hurts.  Blaaaaah.

Whooh... a reprieve.  Type while I can... got to run again.  I took 4 days off mostly because my legs were itching more for roller blading and getting lateral motion, more than some vertical pounding.  Makes sense.  Didn't have time to rollerblade, though.  Work's been ridiculous.  Made it through the week, though, thanks to God who somehow got me through.  It's going to be a non-stop activity-filled next two weeks... gotta be on my toes the whole time... 11 straight days of work, being around co-workers what feels like 24/7.  It's nice being with them.  I miss the feeling of being on a team.  I always liked being on teams.  When I was little, I'd organize my stuffed animals into teams.  The best team, with my favorite stuffed animals, was the "Awesome Olympians".  The third string team was the "Great Guards".  I don't remember the second string team's name.  Kind of funny.  I think I may like teams so much because it's a place where you belong, no matter what.  You are valued for the contribution you make towards the team goal.  Ehhhh... I'm getting off track.

So I ran today b/c I finally got through the week, and my legs finally felt like running today.  They've been wanting to exercie for a while, and I finally got to do that.  I wanted a bang-for-buck run, limited pounding time... and I wanted a fitness-maintaining session, so I did a speed session.  I started going, and it was hard.  Makes sense.  It's been 10 days since the marathon.  Too soon for a speed session.  So I made it an easier speed session.

1 mi warmup @ 7.1mph, 0.5 mi @ 9mph, 0.75 mi @ 7.5mph, 0.25 mi @ 9mph, 0.5 mi @ 7.5mph, 0.25 mi @ 9mph, 0.25 mi @ 7.5mph.

3.5 in 27:03, 7:44 ave.  Oh man, that's goal goal marathon pace.  It was 70 degrees, though.  My tummy didn't feel bad during the run - only after.  I iced in the pool afterwards - 36 degrees outside.

Oh yeah, my right butt had flared up again this week, so it was good to have a break to let it heal up.  I hope this doesn't make it flare up again.

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