Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan 6

2 days ago, had Bible Study, and my PT buddy checked out my foot.  She recommended laying off of running, biking instead, and doing ankle exercises w/ the stretch band.  Since running hot water on my foot seemed to do wonders that night, she also said that that may help.

I haven't done ankle stuff yet, since I've been tired enough with other workouts, but I did have a solid strength session. I haven't reported on strength sessions in a long time, since it's almost always the same, but here was Tuesday's:
400 crunches/side
3:00 plank
100/100 adductors/abductors leg lifts
90s 6in
20 plyometric + 15 normal pushups
2 x 45 quad dips
85 body weight leg extensions
Resistance band arm exercises
Resistance band 4-way hip exercises

Yesterday, when I was considering going for a run, my foot suddenly started bothering me, so I biked instead.  That bike creates kinks all over my body, but I can get away with ~ 35 min okay, so I did a 10 min warmup, then 12 x [1 min hard (~20mph), 1 min easy (~13 mph)], then a 1 min cooldown.

Today, my legs were tired... very worked in the morning, and I thought that today may be a rest day, but after I got home, they were itching for a run.  So I put on the Brooks Trance 8's, since my foot had felt bad in the NB 1224's.  Maybe it was the big heel lift.  The 8's are lower to the ground, and lighter.  So I did a speed session.  It's been sooooo long.  6 weeks since the last treadmill interval session.  In that period, I did have a fartlek and a couple of bike interval sessions.  The fartlek's probably similar, but the not the bike.  So it was good to do it again.  It's an excellent fitness booster, with immediate results.  Unfortunately, you also lose it if you don't keep it up, but it's satisfying to do and to just finish, so there's extra incentive to do them.  Plus, it's a very efficient workout - huge fitness bang for a little time buck.

I did a 0.5 mi warmup... 1/4 mi @ 7mph, 1/4mi @ 7.5mph.  Then, 4 x [ 1/2 mi @ 9mph, 1/4 mi @ 7.5mph].  3.5 mi in 25:24 at a 1 degree incline, 7:15 ave... hey!  Nice surprise!  72 degrees.  I wore Feetures socks... not compression socks.  They are seemless and therefore comfy.  My foot feels fine for now.  Still off sometimes, but overall, improving gradually.

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