Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan 15

Sigh (a good, "rest, at last" one). 

Just finished an 11.8 on the treadmill.  Not 12.0, because strangely, the treadmill decided to suddenly grind to a halt (not a gradual slowdown) and display "END" on the console.  I don't think I've ever gone that far on the treadmill, so it was either some internal 100min limit (it was somewhere around there), or maybe it overheated (not that I was going fast)... probably not overheated, since at gyms, people use a single treadmill one after anther.

Why did I subject myself to 11.8 on a treadmill?  I would've liked to get this last long run done outside, but since there's still icy snow along roadsides, my usual grassy sides-of-paths are probably hazardous.  It would've been pretty to run through [partially] snow-covered places again, but that's not a risk I should take 2 weeks out from the big race.  It was a nice 71 degrees in there (which makes it a little more challenging and allows me to prepare for the possibility of heat), and I saved some gas money.  I can get through runs of that length without water or fuel, so that's what I did.  I did get a little thirsty towards the end, but nothing bad.  No hunger.

Speaking of hunger, I was a little calorie monster last night.  I was so tired earlier that day, so I was going to sleep at 9pm, but suddenly, my body wouldn't sleep... maybe it was b/c I was listening to running podcasts.  I normally listen to it to fall asleep each night, so maybe that's not it.  Maybe I got excited or something.  Anyway, my body kept wanting food, so I ended up snacking until 1:30am.  Calorie monster.  Is it the heavy training?  A subconscious way for my physical body to stay awake to keep up with my awake mind?  A subconscious way to store up fat b/c I don't use heat in my apartment?  Anway, I seem back to normal today.  My weight doesn't fluctuate too much... it's within a 3-4lb range, which is very reasonable, considering the oscillation between dehydration and over-hydration that I go through.  Eh...

While we're on the topic of fuel, I was inspired last night while listening to a Runner's Round Table podcast episode on Vegan running.  They talked about how much they loved eating super mixing-bowl size salads every day for lunch, and how good whole foods made them feel and how well it made them perform.  That's more like how I ate in my later years in college when I was in the 2-D vegetarian co-op.  It was good.  I eat okay now... okay... mostly good fuel, although I do like processed snacks (chips, tortilla chips, whole wheat goldfish) and cereal. Besides that, lots of dairy and produce.  I can attest to the benefits - I rarely get sick.... like once every two or three years.  I think exercise contributes, too... I don't remember the details on why... but I think I read it somewhere.  Anyway, in my final prep weeks before the race, I want to eat clean-burning, nutrient-packed, naturally energizing fuel... superfoods for super performance.  No red meat... just fish, soy, low-fat/fat free dairy, more oatmeal than normal, fruits and veggies, and the occasional processed food.  Delicious and energizing.  Give my tastebuds some change too.

back to FIT:

So the run... had to do some form tweaks as time went on... here are tweaks that work for me:

- Swing hips forward and more medially a bit more.
- Higher knees for a landing that's more at my center of mass, since I have more time to land and get over my landing foot (I think)
- Butter kicks... haha... seems to go well with "higher knees".  Umm... yeah, not sure why it works... the more flight time thing, maybe.
- Ue arms to drive the legs... it does a lot to give my leg muscles a break, when my arms are driving the momentum.  It's probably less energy efficient overall, but it's mroe imortant that my legs get a break.

I was able to wear the NB 1224s again for the first time since hurting my right foot (which has been completely normal for about a week now).  Wore Oxysox, which somehow got bunched up a bit under my right foot... don't remember having that happen before, but it was annoying.  Maybe I'll have to consider wearing the UA calf sleeves + Feetures running socks instead.  Ooh, I also tried some anti-chafing cream.  Maybe I'll write a review later, but I'll go ahead and mention some things... it worked (I suppose) in that I didn't get any under-arm chafing.  I don't chafe often, and I haven't figured out what causes it when it does happen.  So maybe it wouldn't have happened anyway.  I can take the pain of chafing, so my main reason for using it on race-day is to reduce friction to save energy.  Result: It seems like it made my arm/body glide without chafing, but it was sticky, so it maybe has an even higher coefficient of friction than usual.  Maybe I won't use it on race-day?  Maybe only on training runs (when more energy expenditure is okay, and when I wouldn't be as happy about enduring chafing)?  We'll see.

Okay... finally, the splits.
11.8 in 1:38:42, 8:22 ave... nice - my goal MP, accomplished in 71 degree heat without tapering.
Splits> 8:34, 8:33, 8:32, 8:29, 8:28, 8:24, 8:20, 8:19, 8:21, 8:19, 8:14, 6:03 for 0.8.

Fuel again.... Another thing I wanted to test today on this LR was coffee, which I had earlier in the morning.  With the benefits of race-day caffeine, I'm considering having a cup before the race... maybe half a cup.  It seemed okay, although I ran a few hours after drinking the cafe latte.

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