Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13

I was soooooo tired an hour ago.  Dead doggie tired.  Worked very hard at work.  To make up for 3 less productive days. 

Gotta get in the miles, though.  Could've maybe done it in the morning or even at night, but wanted to stick to the plan.  Didn't go super well, but maybe my hopes were too high.  I had woken up pretty sore this morning, from last night's flying bike session, I think.  But it was normal again during the day. 

The plan called for 8... an 8 speed session, even, but after the bike yesterday, 8 would be quite an accomplishment.  Intensity would probably do the most for my marathon prep, though, at this point, so I went hard instead of long.  I started w/ a 2 mi warmup, rather than the usual 0.5-1 mi warmup, to bank more before the quality part of the workout began.  After that, I ended up just managing my normal interval workout, except with recoveries at 7.0mph rather than 7.5mph.  Maybe it was the 2 mis before, maybe it was the bike session, maybe tiredness.  Ah well, I guess the tradeoff is okay.  Did 4x[ 1/2 mi on (9mph), 1/4 mi off (7mph)], then a cooldown of 7.0 for 1/4 then 7.5 for 1/4. 

More awake now, but I should probably get rest.  Pro runners train, eat, nap, train, eat, sleep.  Sleep is important when you're working harder.  Need to recover and adapt.  I should sleep.

5.5 in 42:53, 7:48.  Blah, that's stretch-goal MP.  Blah.  Well, I guess it would be more steady-state in the real thing.  But man.

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