Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 9

A recovery run to get blood flow to speed up recovery.

I had to start at 6.8mph, but it shot up to 7.8mph comfortably within 3/4 a mile.  Normally, it wouldn't go up so fast, but I guess my legs were still tuned to yesterday's pace.  I was going to just do an easy-med effort run to loosen up, but my legs wanted to go faster.

1 mi warmup (could've gone with less... last time, I still didn't feel warmed up after 2 mi) in 8:13, 5 x [1/4 @ 9mph, 1/4 @ 7.5mph].  I considered this a baby speed session.  Kept the speedy parts short to not risk anything.  It's not wise to do back-to-back hard workouts, and a HM race is hard. 

3.5 in 26:33, 7:35 ave.... hey, almost the same as yesterday.  Pas mal.  It would've been mentally nice to run outside and enjoy nature and shady, relatively cool weather, but I did some serious napping today (3 hrs) and did heavy refueling and didn't feel like running until nighttime. 

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