Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 22, Teotihuacan Pyramids

A pretty sweet day to top off a draining week.

I was planning to maybe run around the Teotihuacan Pyramids outside of Mexico City, but the driver ended up being a personal tour guide, which was great.  He was able to tell me about the history and the culture, and it was just fun to be with him.  He has 3 daughters about my age, so he knew just how to make the day special.

Those pyramids are no joke climbing up.  I did go off on my own for a while when he was getting lunch.  I ran a bit to make most of the time, and I climbed up a lot of the structures.  Like 95% of it is still the original stuff.  It's crazy how long it's lasted.  The Pyramid of the Sun (there's also a smaller Pyramid of the Moon) was built in 150BC.

For lunch, I went to the Restaurante la Gruta (Grotto)... which is in a cave.  Pretty special. 

My left upper shin felt stress fractury today... like maybe the beginnings of it.  It would hit when I heel-struck (vs. landing on my toes), or sometimes if I'm just extending my lower leg.  I ran later, though, and I didn't feel it during the run.  I'd expect that if it was a SF, it would've been felt most of all during the run.  Let's hope!  I wonder if it was the Insanity workout I did yesterday that pushed whatever over the edge.

Got in a real run at the hotel gym.  1.4 mi of altitude, vs. 1.65.  Feels like it makes a big difference.  It could be adaptation, maybe.  As a result, an altitude distance PR - 5 mi.  I would've gone for 6.2, but my right hip was a little off - nothing chronic - probably a result of going up and down steep steps today. 

The run was nice and felt a lot easier than the other ones.  10pm, wearing the Nike Equalon.  After training in such heavy shoes, I'll fly in the Kinvaras.

5.0 in 43:14, 8:39 ave.  A decent time, too! 
Splits> 8:54, 8:51, 8:40, 8:30, 8:19.  Good to see.

Oh yeah, yesterday morning, I did the Insanity Fit Test 2 (2 weeks late, since I'm 2 weeks behind on the DVDs).  Improved in some areas, did less in others, but overall, I think there's been a gain.  Part of the improvement comes from understanding the exercises mentally, part of it comes from unconscious muscle memory... neurological I suppose, and part of it is just the physiological changes.

Results (previous result in parentheses):
Switch kicks - 78 (75) - :)
Power jacks - 65 (55) - :) :)
Power knees - 106 (97) - :)
Power jump - 79 (56) - :) :) :)
Globe jumps - 13 (14) - :(
Suicide jacks - 27 (25) - :(
Push-up jacks - 33 (33)
Low plank obliques - 40 (56) - :( :( :(

It's interesting that the second half is whe I started doing worse.  I wonder if I over-extended myself on the power jumps, or if the altitude caught up with me.

Flying home tonight.  Then, work at night to do stuff I need to do for next week.  aaaaah..

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lindsay said...

how cool! both touring and the cave restaurant, and your personal tour guide. hope you made it home safely and are rested up!