Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 2

I was feeling a bit sick-ish today.  Not sick.  And not necessarily that my immune system is down.  I don't know if it's just the change in temps that shakes things up in your body until it adjusts.  I love jacket weather, warm-up-with-hot-tea weather. 

So I woke up from my too-short 1 hr nap, and it was time to get out the door if I was going to get in my run.  Feeling sick-ish.  Nap was too short.  Seriously considered just doing a short treadmill run later at night or something.  But I started getting my stuff ready.  As icky as I felt and as much as my body wasn't in the mood to run, I knew that running nearly always makes you feel better afterwards.  And I had a race to train for.  Checked the mail, got the new Runner's World.  Just flipping through, the pics got me excited to run. 

14.0 in 1:58:58, 8:32/mi.  1063 cal.  Wooh, a long run.  It's the longest training run I've done since the first week of January.  It's a big confidence booster, though.  I've been struggling with LRs since the marathon, but now I know that I can do them again. 

My legs were a bit "eh" starting from during the night's sleep. Immedately after the intervals session last night, I felt great.  My heart finally got a good working and it wanted even more.  I felt like I could've run again, and my heart wanted it (physical heart).  But I woke up at some point at night feeling kinks in some parts of my legs.  I don't know whether that woke me up or if it was because I felt to hot or had to go to the bathroom or something.  But yeah... I was still feeling iffy today.

So it was a good run.  Went form potentially doing 0 to doing 14.  Very happy.

Splits> 8:17 b, 14:13 c, 7:45 p, 7:38 b long, 6:16 p short, 7:47 c, 7:29 p, 7:19 b long (sped up!), 6:11 p short, 7:26 c, 7:30 p, 7:28 b long, 6:17 p short, 7:53 b long, 9:24 car.

The last mile was a challenge, but doable.  Building up endurance, baby.  Drank 1 bottle of water + lemon juice + salt.  Had some every lap (did 3.5 laps).  Didn't need it as often as last time (2x/lap) because it was cooler... in the low 60s.  Comfortble... still somewhat hotter than ideal, but comfy if there's no sun.  Also had 2 Clif Roks.  Those are so good.  I wish they were less expensive.  They'd be nice candy.  I want to know if there's a recipe I could use to replicate them.  I would never eat Gus or Chomps as candy, but Roks are milky and not excessively sweet.  Great texture.  So good.

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