Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct 5

Getting in my weekly miles.
5.0 in 39:54, 7:58 ave.
Splits> 8:30, 8:13, 7:58, 7:49, 7:22.
Thought I might do some Insanity afterwards, but naaaah.  Wanna take it easy tonight.  Maybe read a bit of More Fire, which is about Kenyan Running... the history, their lifestyle, their training... very interesting.

Albany Snickers Marathon : I signed up a couple of weeks ago. 

150 days away.

Meet my pacer: ... 3:35 (8:01 pace)... the magic BQ number.  I think I could potentially do 3:22ish (7:43 pace), so going 3:35 for 13-16 and then picking it up from there... maybe saving 20s/mi for 10 mi... maybe 3 minutes shaved off if all goes well. 

Some race reports:

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