Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 23

Back home. 

Did intervals today to get some speed back after not being able to do anything faster than 8:39 (ave) for the past 2 weeks.  It was physically impossible at 1.65 miles of altitude.

But doing it today is good timing.  It takes about a day to recover from each mile of a hard effort, so I should recover from today's 4 in before the HM.  Still not in peak speed shape, judging from what I could manage today.  Not bad, though.  Better to be a little undertrained than a little over-trained, though. 

Workout: 1 mi warm-up (was ready after 0.5, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ride it out for another 0.5, get in a bit more mileage, etc) @ 7.5mph.  4 x [0.5 @ 9mph, 0.25 @ 7.5mph). 

I had to mentally (mostly) push myself to go through the last one, but my body was mostly okay with it.  My tummy was a little uncomfy b/c I had too many chips for dinner.  Ok, though.

The workout was good stress relief.  Much to do before tomorrow morning.  I may wake up at 3am to start working.  I need to clean my apartment, too.  Eh...  I guess it will be good to be back in my bed again.

Oh yeah... update on the stress fractury thing.  It was better today, after a night's sleep.  My legs were sore today, not from the 5er yesterday, but due to the eccentric muscle contractions descending the steep pyramid stairs.  I was normal again by nighttime, though, so the run was fine.

4.0 in 29:20, 7:20 ave.  Nice.  A good workout.

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