Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mexico training recap (Aug 16-27)

Aug 18:
Arrived 2 days ago.  Wasn't in a rush to start working out, since the first couple of days, you're just trying to get into a groove at work.  I had 3 workouts over 8/14-8/15 anyway, so rest was fine.  My first workout at 1.65 mi of elevation was a 50 minute recumbent bike session, covering 14.6 mi in 50 min.  During my last trip to Mexico in May, I only did 3 runs over the week-long trip, with no biking.  I had two weeks this time.  I thought it may be a good chance to give my plantar fascia a bit of a rest.  The bike felt way easier than my attempts at running during the last trip. It wasn't hard, but I still pushed some.  Read Running Times.  6am, prior to breakfast (I normally always eat before working out, but this was the only way I could fit it in).

Aug 19:
First run this trip.  6am.  Kinvaras, Oxysox.  My goal for this trip was to do more than 5K, which is all I did on each run last time.  So I did 6K.  My strategy was to just get through the 5K at an easier pace and then crank it up a little once I got past that milestone.  I went slower than I did on my previous trip, but it was easier on my heart and was less painful.  This run did a number on my plantar fasciitis, though.  It felt terrible the day after.  I think it's the lack of arch support in the Kinvara.

Aug 21:
Got 1 weekend day off, thankfully.  After a couple of 12hr days and 5 hrs of sleep each night, I needed the day off.  Still tired.  Didn't get to really catch up on sleep, but the mental break was good.  We were going on a short day trip to a valley with a lake to have lunch, so I got in a longer workout before we left.  7am-ish, hit the recumbent bike and covered 24.6 mi in 60 min.

Aug 23:
I normally eat like 10 minimeals per day, so having 3 big meals with timings that I can't control, between which I get hungry, was difficult.  And the big meals... you don't always have the option to get what you're in the mood for.  The content was decent 80% of the time, but having restaurant food 100% of the time for 2 weeks gets kind of old.  I missed getting to choose the timing and amounts of my meals. 
Got the opportunity to try playing Squash with about 10 guys from work.  Never played before, and they decided to let me go first... it would've been good to watch someone play first, but they were being nice to give me a chance.  I ended up playing 4 games (first to 9 points wins).  During the first game, I completely missed the ball 95% of the time.  It was tough.  During the next game, it was a little better.  During the game after that, I could do basic hits alright and was feeling much more comfortable.  During the last game, I felt comfortable enough to try a bit of strategy in hitting off the side walls.  It was cool to see the progression.  It's a  really fun game - requires a lot of acrobatics/quick sprints to move around and get the ball.  I'm looking forward to trying again next time.  I think it'll go well.  You get a better feel for how to position your body and the size of the racket and how the ball bounces and moves each time.  During squash, I banged my outer lower left knee, but it was alright.  My right lower butt was a bit strained, too, afterwards, but it was fine as well.

Afterwards at 10pm, still with no dinner, I really needed to get in some miles, so I got 3.1 on the treadmill.  I had potato chips as a snack in the afternoon, so I was okay.  I was also still kinda full from the week of big meals.  I had meant to program a manual workout with even 1 degree incline, but somehow, it ended up getting set to hills, which was actually better for me.  The incline was 1 min @ 0 degrees, 1 min at 1.5-4.3 degrees, for the duration of the run.  I did it in 26:14, 8:28 pace.  Decent.  I think my body has been adapting to the elevation.  It's a decent time (compared to the May trip's), and even better considering the hills.  FYI, May's paces were 8:25, 8:45, and 8:29 for the three 5Ks I did at 1 degree of incline. 

Aug 24:
The next morning, at 6am, I knew a shakeout workout might help, after lots of minisprints and jumping around during squash, and then the good hill workout.  I didn't have much time, so I just squeezed 13.5 mi in 30 min on the recumbent bike.  It was harder to walk today, even with the shakeout.  My legs were just tired from the previous night.  The next day, I was delightfully sore, too... mostly in the lower butt.

Skipped the next 2 days of potential workouts, even if I had been in the mood, so that I wouldn't have to truck around wet dirty laundry.

Aug 27:
The morning of my flight, it was okay to work out and have sweaty clothes, since I'd be able to wash it later that day back at home.  I got in a last run at altitude.  4.0 in 35:12, 8:48 ave.  Before breakfast again.  I had had a massive dinner the night before (tired & mentally drained, so I overdid it a bit).  Wore the Saucony Paramount, knowing better than to use the arch-less Kinvaras again until my plantar got better.  It was nice.  Splits> 9:03, 8:49, 8:48, 8:31.  This was in Mexico City (1.4 mi elevation), rather than Toluca (1.65 mi elevation), so I figured it may feel a bit easier.
 (seconds post-run)

Later that day, once I was at home, I considered going to bed early but ended up getting in a 60 min strength session, to stay on schedule.  My quads/hips are stronger than ever.  I think the adaptations from the plyos sessions from 6-2 weeks ago finally kicked in. 

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