Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aug 6

Time for a run again... only my second this week.  Ended up having 3 bike sessions this week, though.  Once my gym membership runs out, I'll be back to more outdoors work.  It was good to get some uneven grass time today, since I have an XC race next weekend. 

Just wanted to get in whatever I could.  It was about 79 degrees and cloudy at 8pm... not bad, but I still went fairly slowly, I felt.  My heart got a good working, though.  That's what's important.

4.4 in 37:56, 8:35 ave.  369 cal. 
Splits> 6:40, 6:27, 6:22, 6:16, 6:13, 5:55.

It was nice running outside.  Maybe I can do it again tomorrow.

My right hammie is a little strained from the plyos session, I think.  It'll recover, though.  An update on my plantar fasciitis... I guess it has improved some... maybe 50%.  I think the plyos this time made it a bit worse.  But normally, it'll hurt in the morning, and it'll be okay enough that I forget about it the rest of the day.  It makes the thought of a morning workout really tough, though.

My legs had been feeling pretty used this morning, left over from the plyos+bike day, followed by a second bike day.  But the run helped with recovery, I think.  Blood flow and using the muscles works wonders!

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