Monday, August 8, 2011

Aug 7

Got in a great workout today.

Past 24 hrs... rough night last night... didn't fall asleep until 4am.  I started getting sleepy, thankfully, at around 2am, and it was almost a relief from the duress.  I was still somewhat charged up, though, and at 4am, I was thinking about still waking up at 6am for a run outside, but when the alarm rang, snoozed it.  Snoozed through the Sunday School alarm, too, and woke up on my own just in time to go to the worship service. 

Groceries, ate, napped, ate some more, Walmart, gym.  Now we're at about 10pm.

I thought about just getting in a few miles, possibly a LR, but 4 miles would've been good.  When I stepped on the treadmill and started watching tv on it, I was so happy.  Big difference from the previous night.  What a roller coaster.  Anyway, I was inexplicably happy just to be running and watching food tv in a nice air-conditioned gym. 

Since there's very little variation in footstrike muscles on the treadmill, I had to shake it up, and hills was a nice way to do it.  Normally, I do it by increasing speed, but the hills were a really nice alternative.  I need to work on my hill strength anyway.

2 mi warmup going from 7-7.5mph @ the typical 1 degree (that's how long it took for my legs to start complaining about the unchanging angles), 1 mi @ 7.5mph @ 3.5 degrees, 1 mi @ 7.5mph @ 1 degree, 1 mi @ 7.5mph @ 3.5 degrees, 2 mi to pick it up a little bit @ 7:53 and 7:37 pace @ 1 degree, 0.5 mi @ 7.5mph @ 5 degrees, 0.5 mi cooldown @ 7.5 mph @ 1 degree.

8.0 in 1:04:07, 8:01 ave... keep that up for a 3:30 marathon... [salivate]. 

Had a couple swigs of protein shake during the run... having a 1:4 protein:carb drink during exercise reduces muscle damage significantly (68% in one particular study with cyclists).  I didn't need the carbs for a run of this duration, but the bit of protein (maybe 5 grams) was satiating.   Had maybe 3oz of water, too.  68 degrees, with a fan, Kinvaras w/ soccer socks.

Afterwards, I walked a bit to get my legs loose, then it was time to add some more volume.  Spinned while reading Running Times again... so nice.  Time went by medium-speed this time.  Only did 30 min before I decided I was getting a little tired of working out.  After I walked and stretched a bit, I felt as if  I could do another round of a run or bike, but it was 12:30ish am, so I'll save it for another day, haha.  Besides, on the run, my legs were getting a little pounded... mostly probably just the impact from the plyos 4 days ago... not the running itself... but I should be careful not to overdo anything.

22.5 mi in 30 min, level 4 (which probably means nothing)... okay, remember last time I did the spin bike for 60 min it said I went 41.5 mi and burned 825 cal?  I still think 41.5 is high, even if 22.5 in 30 may be conceivable, but the cal counter said 44 this time... dumb.

I used to need to track everything I ate (timing, portions) as a way to rationalize what I was eating and to not overdo anything, and it was helpful at the time to be a little obsessive about it.  I don't need to do this anymore, but it is interesting to be able to go back and get snapshots of how I fueled in the past, if I want to do any sort of comparison for nutritional or running performance purposes.  It's nice for menu ideas, too.  Today, I feel like listing stuff (not timing) just to have a snapshot of today, in case I get curious in the future.

Breakfast: Skim Milk (just this, b/c I was still fueled from a vegan corndog at 2am)
Lunch: 1 small Green Bell Pepper w/ Cilantro Hummus, 1 carrot, 1 vegan Corndog w/ mustard and ketchup (1:2 ratio of sauce:corndog)
Dinner: Tortilla Chips w/ 75% light cheddar and Salsa, 1 Kiwi
Snack: Goldfish
Workout: Whey Protein + Water
Second Dinner: Mixed Greens w/ feta & balsamic, Banana, Peanut Butter

This isn't that typical... so maybe I'll give a few more data points from the weekdays later this week.

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