Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aug 28

Back in the US... time for a decent-sized run again after 2 weeks of getting in little workouts where possible.

7pm at the Swamp Rabbit trail.  Felt pretty good.  It was a really nice 50-70 degrees in Mexico, but there was killer altitude in Mexico (1.4-1.65 mi).  Here, it was in the 80s, but 0.2 mi.  My workouts lately have been short in duration, so my training needed this.  I signed up for the Spinx Half Marathon about a month or two ago, and if I want to finish without too much difficulty, I need to start being able to do long runs again.

After 2 laps, I considered just going home with 8.6ish mi, because it was getting a little more difficult at that point, but I felt decent, so I figured I'd add another half a lap.  I still felt decent at the half lap turnaround, so I made it a full lap.  I was getting thirsty at about 10 mi.  The first water fountain I tried was broken - boo.  Thankfully, the second one worked.  It would've been a painful last 1.5 ish mi without it.  Doable, but much more comfortable with water.  After the water stop, I felt like I slowed down and was doing more of a cool-down style run, just to get through the distance. 

11.9 in 1:38:49, 8:17 ave.  927 cal.

Splits> 13:42 p, 7:11 c, 7:10 p, 7:03 b long, 13:02 c, 7:07 p, 7:06 b long, 6:00 p short, 7:17 c, 7:19 p, 15:47 car.

The last mile was in near-dark, so I kept to the path, rather than the soft, grassy, risky-for-your-ankles sides. 

Earlier today, I had felt like my immune system was a bit down.  I think part of it might've been 2 weeks of 5 hrs sleep/night catching up with me.  It might've also been the start of ragweed season.  Or maybe just all the garlic I ate last night and this morning making my throat dry.  I got the SuperC Odwalla with 1500% DV of Vitamin C as insurance.  I feel fine now.  Sleep will be nice.  Not sure if I'll get it until the first week of October though.... and if I don't get it then, it may not be until November.

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