Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mar 6

Swamp Rabbit Trail 8.6 in 1:12:39 (8:27 pace), but there was a walk break in there to get to a public restroom, but after seeing it, I decided that waiting was better. I had eaten a banana and ots of water right before the drive to downtown. At about 45 min in, I finished the last of my Margarita Shot bloks (finally!), a pack I had been working on for forever. And I felt low, so I had half a pack of Jelly Belly sport beans, too. They were really sugary and left your head feeling too sugared up. Got the job done, though, I suppose. And I guess it may be different if you have water with it.

Wore a sports bra, 1224's w/ Stab (I think I prefer the Arches, at least with this shoe), soccer sox (yay compression - I think it really does help), Shadow Pak again. Right before the bathroom break that didn't happen (at about mile 3.5), my knees were getting kind of strained, the attachments on the upper outsides of the knees to the thigh. Massaging it a tiny bit helped me get through the rest ok, though. Didn't feel good enough to attempt the extra 2 that would make the run 2 laps on the trail, but it was good. Hot, though! 57 degrees at noon, which probably rose.

After the run, I had a nice picnic in Falls Park of Mixed Greens w/ Feta, Wasabi Almonds, and Goldfish, with an Orange a bit later. Then, I did 10 steep uphill sprints, although the hill was kind of too short to get your HR up much. Maybe some other time, I'll do more repeats, when there aren't as many ppl at the park.


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