Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mar 17

Back on the road after some time off. Day 2 after the Saturday LR, whatever stuff is under the tibialis anterior hurt pretty bad, so I tried to work it out by digging in there. That made it hurt way more the next day, but AD said that it was good for it, and that increased pain the day after deep tissue massage was to be expected. Also correctly guessed that I had been running on uneven surfaces. Felt much better later that night. I was still stiff everywhere for 2 days after, too much to run safely. Wasn't too bummed about it at first, because I found out about an XC race - all grass, baby - this Saturday. It'll be a nice taper. So a few days without a workout. I fit in a strength session right before DOMS hit, the day after the LR. Then, yesterday, I went to the gym to try running, but (perhaps fortunately), the treadmill was broken, so I did the Jillian Michaels DVD. That went well. This was my third time doing it, and each time, I can do the moves more intensely (deeper squats, faster pace, farther jumps, etc). 4 days without a run is getting close to the boo mark, though, so I ran today.

5.5 in 47:23, 8:37 pace, outsisde on uneven and sometimes risky roads. Not much grassy shoulder to run on, or shoulder at all at times. But after the inital risky part, there's about a mile and a half each way of good, even grass. I don't have very many options these days b/c the HS XC course is closed, so I wanted to try this route. But I probably won't use it again due to the risky, uneven parts.

So the run... wore a cotton tee, visor, new OxySox compression sox. The visor was good because of the rain (only the last quarter of the run), and the sox... not noticeably different from soccer sox aside from the fact that they were much shorter and tended to drift down b/c maybe they're really XS and not S as advertised by the eBayer... I like longer better. My rt butt's sore and my hamstrings are a little bit strained, but other than that, I think the run was nice. Easy and loosened me up. I did a quarter-mile sprint halfway through. I don't know if I'll be well enough for the race on Saturday. Maybe I'll run it no matter what, just to enjoy the fully grassy course and to try out a real run in my spikes, which I've only used to play ultimate once (kinda risky, laying out with quarter inch metal spikes)... I was careful, though, and only did it like twice when there was absolutely nobody anywhere nearby.

Alright... like 5 weeks away. Do no harm. So close, and had been doing so well. Take care of yourself.

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