Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mar 25


Season record distance (season as in since June). 12.2 in 1:44:30, 8:34 ave. Splits> 8:39 b (left achilles very tight from the start, lasted a few miles, though runable), 6:02 p, 7:25 c, 7:25 p, 6:08 b, 6:11 p, 7:29 c, 7:22 p (started picking it up b/c felt good this far into it, kind of looser), 6:08 b, 9:34 (achilles hurting a lot due to road camber + steep uphill for about 1/2 mi) car, 9:05 p (hesitated after this for a few seconds about whether to continue b/c actually felt decent and maybe wanted to take advantage of it - a month til the race, and 9.0 was the longest continuous LR so far), 6:17 p (bit pain, but ok), 6:34 b (was dark by now, pulled out headlamp), 9:54 car.

Ate a banana and water really soon after. Walked about 1/2 mi to throw away the peel - good for cooldown. During drive home, though, left achilles got super tight, hard to walk on it. At home, a pickle was so satisfying (juicy and salty), and I also had whey and acai powder because it seemed to do be good in the past, along with a salad to get more Aox power to help with recovery. I'll need to stretch out and rest up for a couple days for sure.

The run up to this... ankles were finally feeling less strained tomorrow. To avoid 2 days completely off, I did a 30 min strength session last night (at 1am). I really wanted to run today, since before Monday, the last time I had run was Saturday. Not bad, but I would like more. Understandable and reasonable, though, because Monday was an intense race with more running right after. So while giving my ankles and bruises time to heal up, my muscles got more and more recovered and primed for more running... itching for a run. I wasn't sure at all whether I could even run a mile on my still a-bit-strained ankles, but it seemed fine on flat ground (not grass). So I mostly stayed off grass during this evening's LR, at least initially. During the middle, I worked in some more grass to keep the impact low. Towards the end, though, being on asphalt was safer footing-wise in the dark, faster-feeling.

I have to work again in a few min, but what a nice way to escape after a regular workday. And it's almost the weekend! A good run. I felt kinda cold (the run itself was in the 60s and humid, so I wasn't thirsty, cold, or hungry the entire time!!!) afterwards. And kind of sick... maybe too much food too fast.

Wore old 3's w/ Stab. Heavy tech tee and loose shorts. Had headlamp in my Shadow Pak, along with Shot Bloks that went unused.

Good run. Let's hope I recover okay.

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