Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 11

1:40 on a recumbent bike. 24.0 mi, 800 Cal - 2.0 mi and 50 Cal more than last time. A nice, low-impact way to build up endurance. 5-mi splits> 21:49, 21:09, 20:48, 20:10 - sweet! My rt butt will probably have a big knot in it soon. My medial knees were a bit burny pre-bike, but they seem ok now. Had a/b 1/4 of a pack of Jelly Belly SportBeans spread over the 1:40 and a bit of water at the halfway point (from a fountain, so not much). I sweat soooooo much. Also, I realized that the recumbent bike doesn't work your flexors very much - it felt like a lot of exertion to lift them when walking afterwards... maybe that's more from a range of motion thing, or a lack of force going any direction but outwards. Eh, no matter.

Yesterday, the Step CD. Today, my quads and calves looked bigger - probably some inflammation, not necessarily increased muscle. Calves have been sore, probably from 2 forefoot-focused runs recently.

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