Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mar 9

3.1 in 22:54, 7:23 ave. Treadmill @ 1 degree. Post a night of 1 hr sleep, then 3 hr nap later. Needed energy release from mental drain/fuzziness. Wore 8's w/ arches, light shoes. Rt hamstring still off, but better than the worst parts of yesterday. Splits> 7:26, 7:24, 7:21, 0:41. Felt good. Stretched pre (quads sore from yesterday, IT loose, though), ice bath post. Rt ankle has trouble/lack of strength in stepping. Butt probably got re-injured when I was moving heavy stuff on stairs 2 days ago. Nooooooo... not as bad this time... I can walk ok, gait's thrown off even walking but it's not a crippling pain. I hope it's nothing serious and that it'll just fix itself.

Oh yeah... that silliness from the last post about being excited about the prospects of an all-nighter... how soon we forget. I thought I could re-live the adrenaline rush of college days, but I forgot that it's not very comfortable. By the next day, I could tell my immune system was down, and trying to think when your head is fuzzy is hard. Work is slow. And you have to do everything you can to wake yourself up after a short nap.

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