Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 15

I finally remembered that I had my Garmin Forerunner 301 on campus, and that since it was winter, there would be no leaves to disrupt the GPS signals. I was excited and got to confirm that the Walmart run was 7.5 miles a couple days ago. I was even more excited to get the distances of newly pioneered paths from last week w/ LD. I had estimated based on the 2:09ish finish that to the green spotted tree and then with a detour to Target/Wholefoods, it was around 14.5 miles. Without the detour, it ended up being 14.2 (I added a 0.11 adjustment for the windy part of the bridge that doesn't get counted by the distance tracker that well), witha total time of 1:58:34 (8:25 pace), more than 10 minutes faster than last time, including no walking breaks - only a couple stops to snap pictures and tighten my shoelaces. The 13.1 split was 1:48. The halfpoint split was 59:15, meaning split in half, the 7.6 mile runs were only 4 seconds different!!!

Garmin Stats:
TOTAL: 1:58:34, 1146 Cal, 14.09 mi, 8:25/mi.
t: 9:27, 1.13mi, 8:23/mi
p: 4:14, 0.50mi, 8:25/mi
h: 4:10, 0.51mi, 8:07/mi
b: 4:31, 0.54mi, 8:19/mi
x: 5:02, 0.59mi, 8:34/mi
w: 3:01, 0.37mi, 8:05/mi
d: 15:48, 1.92mi, 8:14/mi
1: 4:20, 0.48mi, 9:04/mi (includes the squiggly part that requires the 0.05mi adjustment)
2: 5:20, 0.64mi, 8:18/mi
g: 3:18, 0.37mi, 8:51/mi (might've slowed down here looking for the green, also winding path)
... 59:15 at this turning point
2: 3:18, 0.43mi, 7:44/mi (-0.05mi variation)
1: 5:27, 0.64mi, 3:30/mi (no variation)
d: 4:26, 0.51mi, 8:41/mi (+0.03mi variation)
w: 16:08, 1.91mi, 8:27/mi (-0.01mi variation)
x: 2:49, 0.34mi, 8:44/mi (-0.03mi variation)
b: 4:54, 0.61mi, 8:04/mi (+0.02mi variation)
h: 4:18, 0.51mi, 8:23/mi (-0.03mi variation)
p: 4:07, 0.52mi, 7:52/mi (+0.01mi variation)
t: 4:04, 0.55mi, 7:27/mi (+0.05mi variation)
... this is the 13.11mi point - 1:49:00 split!
!: 9:34, 0.99mi, 9:39/mi (started @ wright, ended @ 2d).

Reasons for a faster time: Maybe less distance b/c no detour, no talking, calves weren't sore previous to the run, rest day yesterday vs. a VP fitness session, drank 14oz of water during the run, ate a jumbo Vegan oatmeal sugar cookie plus breakfast and 2-hour later lunch before the run.

Like when I ran Philly, I got chilly at around mile 7 for some reason (that's also about when I took my first drink). Sallade had suggested the loss of energy. I did get warmer at around mile 10, though. *Shoulder Shrug* Spandex (no shorts, for the first time ever), and the NikeT&F fitted tech shirt kept me warm enough. I'm happy to report that the right side of the left foot thing didn't turn out to be a problem, the hip feels off but worked fine, and post-run, the only issue is knees that feel like they've done 14 miles of light pounding. Thank the Lord, because I wasn't sure that the run would happen.

My new toy: Nathan Speed 4. See the Gear Guide review.

Cumulative Mileage: 93.7+6.1 (progression)+14.2 = 114.9.
Total for this week was a record 30.6mi.

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