Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 7

About 14.5 miles, out and back on the Walmart side of the Tow Path w/ the incredible LD. Splits: either a 8:37 t (usually takes me about 10:00!), 4:00 p, 4:08 h, 4:30 b (21:16 at this point - a/b 45s faster than usual), 48:07 to green spray paint tree (took picture during this leg), 36:21 b (walked through much of the Walmart shopping center), 5:03 h, 4:50 p, 4:54 t, 8:49 f (stretched mid-way during this leg). Total: 2:09:21. I did 12.5+.25ish in 1:52 a couple weeks ago, so going 2:09:21 would probably put us at around 14.5. It might be a little less because I ran with already sore calves from VP's fitness practice yesterday, but it might be a little more because of the faster pace. It might be a little less b/c I was talking for parts of it, and it might be a little more b/c I wasn't wearing a backpack or carrying groceries this time.

Good workout I should try some time: stride-count-based fartleks: work up from 1 to 10 strides hard/easy each, then do it again and go back down. Go up to 50. Also, dynamic before and static after. Go for deep lunges. Also try: progression run, going from 1) below threshhold, 2) at threshhold, 3) tiny bit above at threshold, 4) above threshold over 6 miles. Also: mini-mile repeats.

After running for about two hours and refueling, I ended up going straight to bed for two hours. Temps for even today's run ranged from sub-freezing to about 20 degrees higher!

Cumulative Mileage: 69.8+14.5=84.3.

Next day update: slept a lot today. calves and quads sore. should heed good advice and stretch more post-run next time.

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