Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb 13

It was sort of a progression run. I started off with a warmup with the ulty team down to the tow path (1.02 mi / 8:24 from Poe), then broke from the pack with Soha until Walmart (3.42 miles - my estimation of 3.5 miles from Wright was dead-on / 29ish min). On the way back, I gradually sped up, first to catch people, then to try to stay with the crew team on the canal as much as possible, and then to reach the beginning of the tow path in time to be able to go back and run with whoever was still going. I did 6.11 miles of running (51:07), and then a very straggly, walking-pace mile cooldown with the team for the rest.

Problem with the Garmin for this run: kept losing satellite signal for some reason, so the split paces and distances are a bit whacky.

Day before, stadium ulty then rock climbing then tried hurdling for the first time, which I've wanted to do for a while. I practiced a bunch of times next to the hurdle because I was afraid I wouldn't clear it, but it was okay. I'm either not using proper form or am inflexible, though, since I tweaked something in my lower back of my trailing leg. Also, I'm not sure what a stress fracture feels like, but the right part of my left foot hurts, maybe from too-tight laces the other day on the track.

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