Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18

It was good to take a couple days off from running after the 14 on Sunday (now Wednesday). On Monday, I did 35 min strength right before Dillon Ulty, where we learned ho-stack plays like "on a date," "flood," and the usual "dishy." Yesterday, I caught up on sleep. My knees hadn't been feeling great, so it was good to rest. I looked up articles on how often long runs should be done, and although marathon training plans suggest a series 3-week ups and then a slight taper, with long runs once a week, the articles I saw considered weekly long runs, particularly ones above 12 mi, a bit much. This is uncharted territory for me, so we'll see how things go. This weekend is the tourney, so I won't do a long run anyways.

Today, after much procrastinating, I went out to do the BM pyramid again and did it legitimately (no stopping, only jogging between sprints) for the first time in about a year. Woo hoo! The clouds couldn't make up their minds about whether to snow or rain, and by the end of the 44:42 workout, my sweatpants and long sleeve tee were soaked. On my Shuffle, I played KS's new songs for the semester and Shane & Shane, and it kept me moving. On the latter half of a 400, the climax of the song Psalm 145 erupted right when I needed an extra boost with "Lord is gracious and slow to anger. He is rich in love. He is good to us." It was great. The workout was 5 3/4 mi... in 44:42? That's a good sign for any 10K plans in the future.

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