Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23

Walmart Run> 7.5 mi, in 57:59. Splits: 8:49t, 3:47p (flying) 3:55h, 4:07b, 7:21w, (+ an extra 0.4 w/in shopping center plus a bit of walking in Walmart), 2:46x, 4:51b (7:37 - was carrying stuff in backpack at this point), 4:18h, 3:59p, 4:04t, 9:56wright. I know the splits aren't great, but I wasn't going for consistency. I was trying hard to go to Walmart and do my shopping and go back home in 90 minutes, so that I could get back to campus in time for DP. It was great incentive, and I pulled in about 8 minutes early.

The black Nike pseudo-coldgear pullover was way too hot for the run, so I went down to the sportsbra for the deserted tow path sections. Good for temp control, bad for chafing when your backpack has a zillion straps. You only notice it afterwards, though. So 58 is 2 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago. Didn't make the stop last time, but also didn't have a backpack last time. I'm very low on sleep now - slept through most of my 3 hours seminar today. Plus, I also did that extra 0.4ish miles too. The time is exciting. This summer, the 6.1 would take me about 56 minutes (with pack), and now I can do the 7.5 in 58 (with pack and additional 0.4mi).

Two days ago was day 1 of Hellfish Rejects. We went 1-2, but we were mainly focusing on practicing Ho and Trap and not so concerned about winning. I'm pretty happy with how we played. We had a good lineup, and if we draw heavily from it, we can make it to regionals. The last couple layouts wacked my knees pretty good. I think it was on muscle and not joints, though, thankfully. They feel fine now. What doesn't feel so fine is the stress-fracture-like thing on the ball of my left foot, which has spread to that string-like ligament/tendon/whatever that goes on the back of your leg and connects your ankle to your calf. It must be strained from my footstrike compensating for the stress-fractury pain. I got through today's run, and it actually feels better than it did yesterday on my rest day. Hopefully, the 15-16 miler this weekend doesn't destroy the foot.

Cumulative mileage: 114.9 + 5.8 (track) + 7.9 = 128.6.

Callbacks, decisions, pickups of 6 rockin newbies!!!

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