Monday, May 28, 2012

May 24-28 : Chillin in Charleston - p v

Thought about going home to Charleston after I got in another park run, although it was too late by the time I finished doing dishes, etc.  But the run was good.  5.2 in 44:37, 8:43 ave.  Felt  kinda hard, but good to work out nonetheless.  Drank 3/4 bottle of lemonwater.

Drove to CHS @ 5am, worked from home.  So tired all day.

Track!!!  I completed the BM Pyramid for the first time in 3 yrs, maybe?  Yup... just checked w/ the handy Google Blog search... Jan 20, 2009 was the last time.  My strategy was to neg split it, which I really learned the value of during the mile race.  It's a long workout, and there's no need to burn yourself out during the first few sprints.  Control it, and if you have anything left in the second half, you can let it rip then.

5.7 mi in 43:05, 7:34 ave. 
The BM Pyramid workout:
2 laps of warmup (2:10, 2:02)
4 x 100, with 100 jogs after each sprint
3 x 200, with 200 jogs after each sprint
2 x 400, with 400 jogs after each sprint (1:36, 2:02, 1:39, 2:04)
1 x 800, with 40 jog after sprint (1:47, 1:40, 2:10.. drank a couple of gulps while jogging)
2 x 400, with 400 jogs after each sprint (1:40, 2:02, 1:43)
3 x 200, with 200 jogs after each sprint
4 x 100, with 100 jogs after each sprint
(This was the last 100.  I look a little clunky, rather than smooth.  Dunno how my first 100 looked.  Form does deteriorate as you fatigue, and by looking at the 400 splits, I was fatiguing as the workout went on. May be something to investigate and work on in the future.)

Beach run.  4.0 in 36:19, 9:04 ave.  Wanted to do it yesterday, but the schedule didn't work out.  Went the first 1.5 mi w/ my sister.  It was really fun to run with my sis, take pictures, enjoy the sunrise (really, about 45 min past sunrise), and see things that you only see at the beach.  She ran back after 1.5, and I went on for another 0.5 until I ran out of beach (without crawling over stuff and going across a bridge).  The headwind was nasty on the way back.  Didn't even notice the tailwind going down.  My sis did crunches while she waited for me to get back.

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