Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 29-Jun 6 : Happy National Running Day

Tuesday, May 29:
55 min strength session.  Really pushed it. 

Wednesday, May 30:
4 mi base run in 31:39, 7:55 ave.  Had to force self out of bed after unrestful 1/2 hr nap.  Was tired at work today and couldn't wait to go home and nap.  Legs were pretty snappy from the start b/c legs were sore from pushing it yesterday, and they wanted to be worked out. Splits> 8:22, 8:01, 7:52, 7:22.

Friday, June 1:
55 min recumbent bike session.  My right knee was a bit iffy in the middle, but it was better towards the end.

Saturday, June 2:
Attempt at a long run, was only 8.5 in 1:15:20, 8:51 ave.  Rolled my right ankle hard at mile 2, and it took longer than normal to run it off.  In fact, I felt it for the rest of the entire run, although it was runnable.  Better the next day, though.  Maybe fatigue increased the chances of not being able to react to uneven terrain mentally / physically/ neuro-whateverly.  Thursday evening, I went down for a nap and didn't wake up for 12 hours.  I think the months and months of averaging maybe 5 hrs per night is catching up now, seriously.   The morning of the run, nothing seemed particularly appetizing, even though I was hungry.  Feeling my ankle the whole time led me to not push it for another lap.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

> No sleep on Sunday night. Went to a wonderful wedding on Sunday evening, in town. No sleep... maybe emotions? eating chocolate right before bed? The next day (Monday), I worked 11 hrs, too. blah.

Tuesday, June 5:
Anyway, Tuesday, time for a run.  3.5 in 29:58, 8:34 ave of Treadmill hills.
The workout: Going at 7mph the whole time...
1 mi @ 1 degree (8:32 effort), 3/4 mi @ 5 degrees (7:19 effort), 1/4 mi @ 1 degree, 1/2 mi @ 7 degrees (6:53 effort), 1/4 @ 1 degree, 1/2 @ 5 degree (decided not to push it and make it a symmetrical 3/4 mi), 1/4 @ 1 degree.
It wasn't as easy as I expected it to be.  I ate a Slim-a-bear ice cream sandwich right before the run, so my tummy was a little uncomfy during the run - maybe that was it. 

Wed, June 6:
National Running Day!  I had scheduled a strength session, but I surprisingly felt more like a run than the strength session.  I thought the hills would've wiped me out, but I felt pretty sharp (other than right before the run, when I forced myself out of a 1hr nap... I feel like I could go into a deep sleep for a week straight).  5 in 39:40, 7:56 ave.  Splits> 8:11, 8:07, 8:05, 7:51, 7:24.

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