Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24

7am EDT... the only time I run in the morning on workdays is when I travel.  I'm not a morning runner for the following reasons:

1. I run on grass or treadmills 99% of the time, to preserve my knees.  Running on grass in the dark could be treacherous for ankles, and the fitness room opens later in the morning, and if I did squeeze something in the first daylight, it would be suuuuuper rushed to get anything in before I'd have to get to work (with extra stress from the unpredictability of traffic).

2. I usually put off waking up as long as I can. 

So I run after dinner, after giving my tummy some time to digest.  My dinner is pretty extended, too, multi-coursed with whatever I can find in my apt that doesn't require cooking.  So it's usually pretty late when I do finally go out, either to the park (if it's Daylight savings and it's a medium-length 5-6ish mi run) or the treadmill, if it's dark or if I want to save gas or if I want a speed workout or if my ankles need a break from uneven grassy surfaces, etc.

Aaaanyway, 2nd day of running at altitude.  Took it easier this time, because I'm sure there's a benefit even at lower speeds. 

3.1 in 27:09 (waaaaaah, record slowness, probably, haha), 8:45 ave.  And even at that pace, my cardio system was struggling for the last mile.  Splits> 5:29, 5:29, 5:27, 5:25, 5:18.  Perhaps a bit less hot today than it was a day and a half ago, since it's the morning.  Still very warm, though. 

Oh, another thing that's different about this run... it was pre-breakfast.  I almost always run about an hour post-meal, which isn't hard, since I eat like every 3 hrs... but this was after a night of sleep 5 hrs + reading a few more months' worth of chasingthekenyans.com - haha + 1.5 hrs of sleep + bit of work to prep for the day then ruuuun...

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